Saturday, December 31, 2011

Data’s got a brand new bag: PowerPivot for Excel (video)

I liked the heads up but was expecting a little more from the video. For instance a quick example how you linked up your sheets in the way you showed.

Still, thanks for the heads up but my data amounts are hardly enough to expand on it like this. But having said that, a small side-step if I may...  Since beginning this week I started using Outlook 2010 (was using SeaMonkey's mail). Part of this decision was triggered by the 'Business Contact Management' extension; that critter is outrageous for small businesses like I represent.

I'm slowly, but steadily, starting to become -very- impressed with the way you can inter-exchange data between Office applications. A bit comparable like you showed here; one sheet easily connected to the other. In my case; accessing Outlook data (contacts) from Word (using VBA obviously).

Alas, thanks for sharing but..  - no offense - but I am looking forward to one of your "casual" example video's. Those really rock, I'm even actively (carefully) spreading them with some of my customers :-)

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