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Microsoft Excel 2010 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated Card)

Microsoft Excel 2010 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated Card)Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2010. The following topics are covered: Creating Workbooks, Entering and Editing Data, Undo and Redo, Resizing Column Width and Row Height, Inserting and Deleting Rows Columns and Cells, Clearing Cells, Clearing Formatting, Formatting Numbers and Cells, Aligning and Merging Cell Contents, Borders and Grids, Viewing the Worksheet as it will Print, Entering Dates, Entering Sequences. Entering Formulas & Functions, Entering a SUM Function Quickly, Absolute vs. Relative Cell References. Copying and Moving Data: Copying to Adjacent Cells; Cut, Copy, Paste; Drag & Drop. Sheet Features: Renaming, Moving, Copying, Selecting, Inserting, Deleting Sheets. Editing Multiple Worksheets Simultaneously, Copying Data and Formatting to Multiple Worksheets. Previewing, Printing and Page Setup, Printing a Specific Area, Using Page Break Preview to Adjust Page Breaks, Repeating Rows/Columns on Every Page. Working with Previous Versions (Compatibility Mode). Also includes: Lists of Selection and Movement Shortcuts.

Price: $3.60

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Pulling RSS data in Excel (or: using Excel to search Craigslist)-part 2


This blog post is brought to you by Dan Battagin Lead Program Manager on the Excel team.

Do you remember the last time we had built a spreadsheet that has tried to Craigslist via the RSS feed that is available for search results and pulled the information in Excel by using the XML mapping features little used.

Today, we will continue where we left off, adding the ability to search multiple sites and adding a little progress indicator if the search takes a long time.

Oh and by the end of this post, I've attached a version of the search tool that we invite you to use if you do not want to follow ... even if they do not give no promises as to the quality of the code-I'm sure there are optimizations that people can do, and I would love if you could send them back to me so I can learn from you!

Added the ability to search multiple sites in one fell swoop

Like every other step, this is not too complicated, it just takes some thought and time. Oh, and there I will be using VBA-Excel is great as is easily extended with VBA. To search multiple sites, we're going to create a table that lists all Craigslist sites that want to try, and then we will simply scroll this table whenever the user clicks the search button, grab the RSS results and adding them to our table XML that yesterday we setup. Then, let's start:

1. Switch to Sheet2 and adding a table (named Table2) with the following columns: "baseurl", "Research" and "fullurl"

2. next, add these formulas in the first row of the table:

= "/search/? query = "& rngSearchTerm &" & catAbb = sss & format = rss & areaID = 2 & subAreaID = "

3. in column BaseUrl, enter the base Url for some sites to Craigslist. I use these (make sure the fill down formulas from above in each of these lines:


This is all we have to do something for the table, now we just need to update our VBA RunSearch method to iterate through these different sites when you search using the FullUrl from our table above as the location to get RSS information. We will actually replace all VBA code that we created last time, by following these steps:

Click Developer | Visual Basic to open the VBA editor.If it is not already open, open Module1. Insert the following VBA subroutine to replace the search we created yesterday. Note that this is not much changed-lines that have changed since the last time that I highlighted:


Close the VBA editor, and with this, now you'll see that each time you click search, Excel chugs to seconds (more, depending on how many sites Search) and see all the search results displayed in the grid, added one after another. Regularity. Now if only Excel was more responsive, while research was happening ...

Adding a progress bar so that we know as the search will

We're almost there-we have our data coming through XML maps (with parameters with a search box) and displays the data for multiple sites. Just a couple more small VBA tweaks and there are a fairly functional research tool.

To add a progress indicator, we're just going to write "% done" in a worksheet cell. Sure, we could build a progress bar or something else, but this is Excel j we're talking about here. Since then we have a cycle who knows how many sites, we are searching, and the site in which we are currently in, should be as simple as dividing the two values and update the cell. Let's get started.

On Sheet1 (which shows the results of the search), select the cell to G3Format as a percentageClick formulas | Define the name and call the range "rngStatus" without quotes.Click Developer | Visual Basic and find upgrading subroutine attempts to have the following code. Note that, not much of this has changed-I highlighted lines that have changed since our last step:


And you're done! When you search, you'll see the progress bar update (and your search results update) checks for each site. Pretty cool if you ask me.


Of course, there are a lot of tinkering, you can make that make it even more interesting solution or clean up the code. I did a couple of them in the workbook that is linked to this post (added a stop button, did some additional factoring code, did a bit of formatting), but I'm sure others will have even more pleasant that tweaks can do. If some do, drop me a note with the changes-why use this workbook in real life! J


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Switch to Excel 2010? Starts here ...

Anneliese Wirth

Blog Post today is brought to you by Anneliese Wirth, who writes on Excel to

There are a lot of great reasons to step up to the 2010 Excel workbook from an earlier version. Some of the new features — sparklines, slicers, PowerPivot — were enough for me personally for a dip. If you recently upgraded to Excel 2010, or are just to do it, I want you to know that we have available resources that can help you through the transition.

If you upgrade to Excel 2007, it doesn't take long to understand Excel 2010. For the lights, I recommend scanning What's New in Excel 2010 article or watching videos in brand switch to training of Excel 2010.

If you upgrade to Excel 2003, you will have a steeper learning curve because the Ribbon — supersized toolbar that replaces the old menus and toolbars. I went through the transition from the-tape of me after you upgrade to Excel 2007 (when the tape was introduced), so I understood the challenges here.

Use the following resources to understand where to find things on the Ribbon and get started with Excel 2010.

1. Menu in Excel 2010-tape guide an interactive guide to find Ribbon commands in Excel 2010. Click any element on a simulated version on a toolbar or menu in Excel 2003 and the Guide reveals the new location for the Ribbon element. This guide is particularly useful during the first few days after the upgrade.

Menu-to-ribbon guide

If you want to share this with others in your organization or use it when you are working offline, feel free to grab the downloadable version here.

2. The workbook in Excel 2010 Ribbon-Menu of Mapping if you feel the Guidebook as overkill, we have a simple working folder that maps each command in Excel 2003 to the corresponding position on the Ribbon.

Menu to ribbon workbook

3. Migration Guide of Excel 2010 this guide to eight pages, printable is addressed particularly to users of Excel 2003 that are moving to Excel 2010. We've reviewed feedback and questions from people who have already updated and that has turned into a light guide. Their pain, your gain!

Migration guide

4. upgrading to Excel 2010 an online training course consists of 8 instructional videos, a form of self-evaluation and a quick reference card.

Make the switch to Excel 2010 training course

If you need to train other people to use Excel 2010, you can also download the make the switch to Excel 2010. This course is available in PowerPoint format 2010 (.potx). Once you download it, you can add or remove slides, add custom branding elements or otherwise make your own.

5. Rev up to 2010 Excel: Excel 2010 expansions to Help a fantastic, a book of 250 free pages by Excel MVP Bill Jelen, and author of 34 books on Excel. (Yes, Bill is prolific, and can't think of a better person to learn from). If you want an overview from a true Excel experts, this is the resource for you. If 250 pages is too much, just take a look at "where to find commands in Excel 2010" on page 2 of this book, and you'll be well on your way.

Rev Up to Excel 2010 book

For more information about other books by Bill, visit the shop MrExcel.

If you have your own tips to share, or comments about any of these resources, I'd love to hear from you.

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Add the PivotTable Rank


Today's author is Mike Alexander, Microsoft Excel MVP that shows us how to add a rank to a PivotTable in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. For more information, visit

Adding rank in Excel 2003/2007

step 1: Sort the PivotTable data to the extent that you are trying to rank.

step 2: Add a calculated field that has the formula = 1.


This essentially assigns a value of 1 for each row.


step 3: Right click on your newly created calculated field and go in the value field settings dialog box. There, select the tab "show values as" change the setting to "show data as" being "In" running total. Because this field is used to classify markets, let's change the database market.


The result is a new data field that indicates the relative rank of each market.


Adding rank in Excel 2010

Start with a pivot table that resembles the one shown here.

Note that the same amount of data is shown twice – In this case, SumOfSalesAmount.


Right click on the second instance of measurement data and select Show as value, and then rank the largest to smallest.


Once you have applied your ranking, you can adjust the labels and formatting. This will leave you with a clean looking ranking report.


View the original article here

Working with the Microsoft Excel toolbar.

Toolbars, Microsoft Excel 2003 application important part, and to improve productivity and application efficiency. You can use a variety of tasks in Microsoft Excel toolbar range is included. Toolbar is a small bar containing buttons contains graphic images called the various icons only. Represents a single toolbar button for each command. Using the button, you need to do everything to put the mouse pointer over the button, and click the left mouse button once.

Keys displayed in the Microsoft Excel application default toolbar, click Save as on the formatting toolbar. That contains these key commands available in Microsoft Excel is the most common toolbar. After the initial installation of the Microsoft Excel application these two toolbars are placed on one line actually find. However, by changing the location toolbar changes position on the screen.

To move a toolbar a little place the mouse pointer at the start of four blue dotted bar toolbar. Press and hold the left mouse button and drag. You can drag from the current position of the lower down the menu bar, you can drag the toolbar by using this technique one or to the left or right.

You can see when changing the size of the toolbar on the left or right, the icon from the toolbar in one of the few no longer is displayed. This is by design. Change the icon based on the fit the size of toolbar applications basically adjusts to the size of the toolbar.

Another great tool that is included with the toolbar, toolbar buttons, mouse over the icon to only push ability to identify what. In this case the tool tip shows the ones shown here-.

Microsoft provides options of the Customize dialog box under the Tools menu by default, the in on the standard toolbar to display both on the formatting toolbar. However, you must display two lines of standard toolbar on one row, deselect the formatting toolbar to.

If you two standard and Formatting toolbars on two rows are command show standard and Formatting toolbars to select command two lines check box.

CFLs Excel toolbar shown, those toolbars or hide first navigate to the Tools menu to select the toolbar you must. It is must be careful when you view the menu of some important information.

Have if there is a check mark next to the toolbar name indicates this one toolbar is already displayed. In addition, it indicates no tick, the toolbar can be hidden.

To enable the toolbar in the name of the toolbar click once with the left mouse button. The name of the toolbar to disable toolbar again, and click.

Most of the toolbar but find you toward the top of the screen, you can relocate to any location toolbar.

Known toolbar docking and floating modes of two modes. Toolbar you can drag to place moves across the screen, move the mouse pointer in the title bar, hold down the left mouse button, move, in floating mode.

Return quickly if you want that originally docked to dock a floating toolbar, double-click the title bar of the toolbar.

Microsoft Excel, in the course of the in Microsoft Excel Help learn. Business website if you are looking for tools to help you learn MS Excel short cuts visits.

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Microsoft Excel tutorial-how to find the one right for you

Read this if you are looking for the best Excel tutorials can improve your skills with this great tool, so you want to think this. There are tutorials's advanced intermediate skills of keyboard shortcuts and formulas, complex modeling, analysis, and automation macro skills than the wide range, covering the basic introduction to excel skills. When you have finished reading this article, you can use the tutorial of what Excel skill set price range is a good idea.

A basic tutorial for Microsoft Excel

A basic tutorial for Excel will start by walking all of the functionality in the application and how you can navigate the novice user interface and menu. You should also outline how the spreadsheet included in addition to the navigation of spreadsheets. Beginners configure the spreadsheet cell in a grid of rows and columns, and enter formulas all cells in a spreadsheet cell to tell each other that you can understand. Describes how to use the tutorial for basic data entry at the end, basic and simple formulas. Adding to two or more cells together, use the formula "sum".

Intermediate Excel tutorials

Intermediate tutorials, users already introduced to the basics of the application and to assume you know open create a new file, and move through the menu generally in his or her way around how to locate. Intermediary must be introduced at this level of skills that include commonly used keyboard shortcuts and time-saving feature. Integrates Excel is part of the worksheet into a Word document directly into other programs such as paste can be and should be also hope to learn. Also more advanced cellular function, and never need to introduce such relative references.

Advanced Microsoft Excel tutorial

Advanced tutorials, user-very familiar with Excel and probably already quite widespread assumes the use of his or her job. Accounting in Excel is the highest level of training required for most people or in the financial field, and then use advanced modeling and complex financial analysis tools. Tutorial for excel advanced, advanced sorting and filtering, and gives examples of depth using pivot tables and pivot tables using VBA, such as spreadsheet automation high level of functionality.

People need good Excel tutorial like this, first looking for based on the skill level define courses of any kind. Want to know how to use quickly and efficiently you use Excel, if you are starting a basic or intermediate tutorial that will be your best. Squeeze out the maximum amount of power computing from this tools and analysis to more advanced user looks definitely advanced tutorials.

Information about Thomas Richardson on the Web best computer training class to dedicated website. Further, to find courses to help you advance your skills and see microsoft excel tutorials page.

Undo / Redo in Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel user can repeat or Redo button to undo their mistakes by some action. This is a typewriter, which is a significant improvement to differentiate it go ahead under most conditions users to correct mistakes.

Accidentally deleted sentence is to copy and paste errors, incorrect data logged by the Microsoft Excel mistakes such as plot chart. To for you to Miss detect mistakes, can absolutely safe, and cancels the operation. How exactly is behind the screen?? the record when working with a worksheet in Microsoft Excel to do. Undo records, and the sequence of steps that can start that requires it.

For example, now just in cell A1, enter text "this", enter "mistake" text in cell A2. Say you want to remove it, don't want the word "Miss". However, Undo to delete text from a worksheet of course easy way one "mistakes", may run to the same effect as selecting the button.

By simply clicking Undo button easy to find, might be, undo, quick access toolbar may delete that text mistakes. Now press the button undo says enter text of "success" in cell A2 is actually delete text "success". Sit next to the button undo] push word [redo] button easily, and can be restored.

Can be made in a Microsoft Excel worksheet to track the operation of up to 100 is. Overview of the number of actions [undo] button next to the drop-down button, and see the list are the bigs, are shown at the bottom of the list. Will better understand the actions each recorded action to clear what exactly, you don't have to undo their actions may have to keep has a brief description for you.

Luis T is the owner of the Find the way to master Microsoft Excel website.

Unlock the features of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Office is considered of major application software in the computer world. This is the wide variety of applications across the enterprise. Such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, application is made. Main application used that Word and Excel. Let's look at Excel and various features you can use them to learn how. Read together!

If you think Microsoft Excel only for business purposes that is incorrect. Many different individuals often need to use it at home. Insert, various functions such as some may need to know about Microsoft Excel features math function, date time and possibilities of this application is the same as the input spreadsheet manipulation, cell formatting, different menus and data to unlock various spreadsheet formulas, edit toolbar to move to, such as inserting, editing, and deleting cell comment various graphs using

Read the various options that are available to master Microsoft Excel to further understanding. You can learn tricks via CD in Microsoft Excel, CBT or video. We describes about one after the other options.

Microsoft Excel CD mastering:

With the help of CD, Excel must you can learn at your own pace, spending time attending class. Will include screen shots of how various commands CD of Microsoft Excel to create a professional looking spreadsheets, create how to insert, diagrams, formulas figure, table. And an interactive will get exercise too). slip. CD using Microsoft Excel is one of the key benefits of learning that you can read at your own convenience.

Unlock the potential of CBT by Microsoft Excel.

Computer-based training (CBT) is the alternative way of taking the time yet to master the application yourself. With the help of CBT, you get a realistic, interactive training to complete. From the novice to learn what level of detail you must know right. To learn Microsoft Excel when training is, I think. Please see the Microsoft Excel application software simulation. Review quiz to measure several CBT your understanding of questions also provides. Provides an interactive comprehensive training CBT usually complete. To gain trust offers practice questions to better understand the application. It is one of the best way to learn Microsoft Excel according to me.

Use the tutorials on the Microsoft Excel application.

Microsoft Excel tutorial is the best way to master the application to another. As you, various simulation will be learning more interactive and usable applications real. You can learn the application with the convenience of your CD, video, and penis.

Why are you waiting for? Unlock the power this application to start, and then grab a CD, video or CBT tutorial master to Microsoft Excel.

All the best!

Is the Caitlina fuller, a freelance writer. Computer-based training (CBT) is the alternative way of taking the time yet to master the application yourself. Practical interactive training with the help of the the CBT of Excel, you will get to finish. From the novice to learn what level of detail you must know right. To learn Microsoft Excel when you MS Excel training, I think. To see a simulation of the Microsoft Excel application software will be.

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A smart way to master Excel

Microsoft Excel is an important part of business management processes in many organizations, it is spreadsheet and data storage software program. From the entries at all levels requires ability to use it, and understand this program. Employment using Excel as a requirement that is the list of many organizations. To master this helpful program whoever applicants from the CEO of the company interests involved.

Excel training exists at many levels. Start tutorial in the software itself, so design is included. Is intended to provide knowledge of Excel users, Microsoft's web site also offers additional training software. Many people will receive their training and as a result both struggles in Excel and is failing to use potential realization or loss. You must recognize the need for some serious training accept that complexity, most to get it. You can reach the point can tell where really master the "Microsoft Excel" are your legs in and outside to your company's competitive no slip.

Is available through a worldwide network of Microsoft Office training authorized learning partners. These organizations have passed strict certification exam administered by Microsoft. This network is more than 26,000 learning partner. Training is managed in two different ways. It is a classroom based training and distance learning. How these two educational programs in the most common choice of computer-based training in the last 10 years. In each of his budget and his schedule, and must consider the ideal learning style to suggest to his decision about his own to evaluate his own situation.

Microsoft Excel training offers to either group. In the world of Microsoft Certified Partner Learning Services (MCPLS) widely spread site training instructor hands comprehensive offers. You can lead to a directory on the home site of Microsoft Excel training MCPLS facilities in your area. Provides training can far Microsoft Official Learning (MODL) partner to delivered directly to the computer platform. Complete training and maximize the results need to back up and technical support.

Only through your knowledge or familiar spreadsheet application is ignoring the potential of this approach, it is possible to explore Microsoft Excel when browsing what Excel and your organization can surface. Is the master and Excel it fully how smart do you take from Excel training accreditation of official partners.

Write about the Natalie Aranda computer. Is available through a worldwide network of Microsoft Office training certified learning partners. You can lead to directory Microsoft Excel training home sites on MCPLS facilities in your area. Provides training can far Microsoft Official Learning (MODL) partner to delivered directly to the computer platform.

Managing data using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel was designed primarily for number crunching and financial analysis; however, you can use any small business or a great data manipulation features. If you want to add something number, subtraction, multiplication, and Division using the Excel program is Yes, sum, average, your-name. Have the power to run your business at your fingertips, and add a graphing data.

To send to our questions in preparation for joining the recent webinar Excel tip, asked the participants. Involved and the ability to manipulate many data questions of Excel has some great features for this purpose.

Data-software used to provide our Webinar complete provides a list of participants in an Excel spreadsheet. Need to add the column name of the online seminar worksheet I. I added a single column header, type the first cell in the title column. Enter the column containing the same Excel double-click the AutoFill handle (bottom right corner of the cell on thin plus sign) until seen left blank column cell text. I copy information about this spreadsheet and paste it into a master worksheet of all webinars we offer.

Relevance-that there are two icons on the Ribbon bar can sort your data. One is ascending (a-z) or descending (z to a). Click in the column sorting, selecting the direction you want. When sorting by one or more columns of a data / sort] sort up to three columns in Excel, using the menu option and can be.

Filters-can limit view by filter what you see. Select some data, filter, AutoFilter column headings on one line. This deploys the down arrow next to each heading. Click the down arrow, then click Select from the list and are filtering into the selection-based. By using the custom option to list by setting conditions, such as "above a certain dollar value. "Filter

Subtotal-this is the great features of Excel can create based on the average column changes count, sum,. You can count the number of people attended each seminar seminar participants here,. Single Webinar column sorting, subtotal data. What I (my case attendance) to what function displays a dialog box asking is I'm counting on that count, and which column at subtotal I-seminar name to use.

Label or character-is either created when Microsoft Word mail merge, data of Excel. Select your list, and then you can create a marketing letter or label. You can limit the number of characters certain criteria using the above filter feature, for example to ????? thank you letters, last month.

As a certified public accountant and certified Office Specialist, Microsoft, Sue white wide work in Microsoft Excel. Sue also CD business training team and partner and their training resources to Microsoft Excel extensive training and provide partnership is. Visit more information about using the features of Microsoft Excel that you can learn how.

Microsoft® Excel® 2007 Quick Reference Guide - Excel 203: Sorting, Filters & Pivot Tables

Microsoft® Excel® 2007 Quick Reference Guide - Excel 203: Sorting, Filters & Pivot Tables8-page bi-fold.

This quick reference guide is a valuable resource for any user looking to master the ultimate data analysis tool in Excel: PivotTables. Also discussed in this guide are sorting features as well as data analysis using filters. Topics include: sorting data using various techniques, using chronological sorting, adding data filters to extract data, applying filters to drill-down and locate data sets, using advanced filters to extract and analyze data and combining filters and sorting to create unique data sets. In addition, this guides offers extensive details on creating PivotTable reports to analyze and understand complex data. You will learn how to establish PivotTable guidelines, setup a PivotTable report, using drop-zones to compose the report, grouping and ungrouping data, using filters within a PivotTable, adding calculated items and fields, exploring layout options and creating effective PivotCharts.

The guide is also structured to be a companion for hands-on training or self-paced training. It includes step by step instructions and downloadable exercise files


Click here to buy from Amazon

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What new version 2003 from Microsoft Excel, since Excel version-the history

If you are considering upgrading to another version of Excel in all three previous releases new features explained: Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. To read what each new version!

New features for Microsoft Excel 2003.

What's new in this version of Microsoft spreadsheet applications.

-List is more clearly delineated in the workbook is much like behavior
-You can now compare workbook side two

Truth has become a major innovation for Excel 97 and Excel such as conditional formatting, data validation, and hasn't changed since software. Until it is...

New features for Microsoft Excel 2007.

It was a great new version. New features included:

-Changing the way to access all commands completely, famous Ribbon
-Good due to the ability to apply fill effects in the cell format
-Expressions now auto-complete feature is known as the more you don't have to guess
-A much more powerful, conditional traffic light symbols and formats, including many in the non-
-Rewritten for graph and now look good
-Edit the WYSIWYG mode for headers and footers in page layout view

I think if you're wondering whether or not to upgrade is probably worth it!

Microsoft Excel 2010 new features.

It was a pretty small upgrade, but nevertheless was fixed some mistakes from 2007. New features include.

-Return on the file menu in the Ribbon
-Customize the Ribbon.
-Sparklines small cells in a chart
-Slicers (can you more easily compare the data in the pivot table)

However, user 2007 and will show little difference very 2010.

New features to the Microsoft Excel 201 X.

Oh, we knew only! wrote Microsoft application for IPhone furiously performs the slim design and write down the version of Excel, clouds otherwise happen what would guess is difficult to guess. You will be able to do away maybe some day Microsoft Excel is stored in relational database, and you need to make another application?

Andy Brown provides a Microsoft computer training course for Wise Owl business solutions based on the United Kingdom. See the overview of the all-Wise Owl Excel training course can help. Or the differences between versions of Excel overview explains in this article.

Adding a table of content for the workbook – it's easy, I promise!

Sometimes workbooks can be very large and difficult to navigate. Only so many tabs fit at the bottom of the screen, and it is difficult to know how long is each worksheet. Excel does not provide a built-in way to add a table of content in a workbook; However, there is a way! In this post, I'll show you how to add a new worksheet to the workbook called "TOC" (TOC). This sample uses Excel 2010.


On the sheet of TOC, column lists the name of each sheet, and includes a hyperlink to the appropriate worksheet. Column b lists (which is the workbook) the number of the worksheet and the number of pages contained in this worksheet (how many printed pages would be). You must use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), but do not be frightened by the fact that you need to code — is actually very simple, and I'll walk you through it step-by-step.

First, you must add code to the workbook and to do that you need Developer card. If you do not usually work with code in Excel, you probably will not see the development tab in the Ribbon. To view the development: tab

Click the File tab. The Guide below, click Options on. Click to customize the Ribbon. In Customizes the Ribbon, select the check box Developer.

Now you can create a macro:

development tab, in the code group, click Visual Basic.


In the Visual Basic Editor, Enter menu, click form on. In the code window of the module, type or copy the following macro code:


4. In the Visual Basic Editor, Files menu, click close and return to Microsoft Excel.

5. to save the workbook with macro code, select Save File menu and save the file to a macro-enabled workbook (.xlsm).

You are almost ready to run the code. You may need to change the macro security settings to enable the macros. To set the security level temporarily to enable all macros, do the following:

You are almost ready to run the code. You may need to change the macro security settings to enable the macros. To set the security level temporarily to enable all macros, do the following:

development tab, in the code group, click the Macro Security.
clip_image002In Macro Settings, click enable all macros (not recommended, potentially dangerous code can run) and then click OK on.
Note    To help prevent, it is recommended that you return to potentially malicious code any of the settings that disable all macros after you finish working with macros.

And now you can run the code that creates the table of contents worksheet!

development tab, in the code group, click macro.
clip_image002[1]In the Macro window, select the Create_TOC macro and click Run on.

View the original article here

Copy and paste it at the Microsoft Excel 2007

Using Microsoft Excel 2007, normally elsewhere in the worksheet or worksheets need to copy some of the content if copies to another workbook. To do it easily using copy and paste function of Microsoft Excel 2007.

(You can now open Microsoft Excel 2007, or by clicking the Office button, select the create new must be) let's open the blank worksheet. Complete contents of some worksheet before I proved to copy and paste functions. Let's is randomly "of copy" to a1 in cell A10 is key. Now, you have a string of text "copy". Now say to copy entire text "copy" series cell D1 to D10.

I currently displayed and the running the simple steps. First A1 cell A10 inclusive in your keyboard, press CTRL + C to copy to the Clipboard. Alternatively, right-click a selection area A1 A10 to place the cursor on to copy or home-can select > Clipboard-> copy.

The selected area find dotted line (shows to copy this region selection) are covered. Is following, and then move the cursor to the cell D1 and click Enter (or right-click cell D1 and paste] to selection or a path home-to can follow; Clipboard-> copy), paste the contents of A1-D10 to D1 A10.

Simply copy and paste functions in non-text you can copy anywhere desired within Excel charts, formulas, logical functions and other features Microsoft Excel 2007 only limited.

Luis T is the owner of the Find the way to master Microsoft Excel website.

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Data entry - Microsoft Excel to do money

Data entry work can be done with the help of tools like Microsoft Excel with a simple program is actually a very easy task or know. It can only important skill needed other than the knowledge of basic English. You can bring you practice this simple work and commitment to consistent income.

Can bring you closer to the data entry work 5 $ $15 per hour. Require extra skills most in contrast to other jobs, these works you know using nothing more than Microsoft Excel is required. Will most of us have learned to use in excel ??? of our schools. Learning to use excel, software even if you do not have a working way is the task of the day. It is so simple.

Let's consider a real-world scenarios. For example, working as a medical data input operator companies. I think doctors speak briefing headphone type of prescription information. Information about the predefined excel formatted data. Employed by the company responsible for providing this first-hand information.

Now translating sentences into voice data line to enter data into the excel column. For example, you could potentially two drugs and excel columns. However this format is different depending on the nature of your work, no pointless. And think you use to start the data entry tool works as a huge task Notepad, WordPad, Excel isn't easy. that can start to start working on the data entry project actually is. About
Kamalkk Kannan

Microsoft Excel 2003-using the how to join multiple text binding cells together

One of the problems facing probably Microsoft Excel 2003 is combining the various cells in one single cell. For example, prompted there are three columns title, first name and surname, maybe to combine these three values. To achieve this functionality for text concatenation function. This article is in the process of combining these cells.

To start, open the Microsoft Excel 2003 and create a new worksheet. Create a worksheet is to combine two or more cells than the now very easy we want. Is simply Microsoft Excel worksheet as follows to create.

Title first name and last name date of birth
19 October 2003, Joe Smith
Miss Martha Henry Feb 1945, 20,
Ms Kelly Christopher Walken 3, 2, 1952,

Should you need to start building a worksheet, click cell A1, the value of the title to this cell. Following his values, such as cell A2 must be. Once the finishes of this worksheet, cell E1, then in the move statement E2.

That what we do with ampersands and is a combination of symbols, text concatenation function using cells A2, B2, C2, and D2. However, a catch. You cannot automatically just text cells that dates and numbers combined. You must use the TEXT function to enable this feature.

To add the first title, first name and surname together to try to focus. Select cells E2 first and following types-

= A2 & "" B2 & &; "see & C2

In the above expression during the quotation reveals that space. Is this text field in coupled together, otherwise, as may be made-


We now look at the process of multiple cell together full text adds text cells other than text and date time. You must to add text to the date, first convert to text. This is by using the TEXT function. You can also TEXT function sets the date format in a specific format. For example, if you wanted to date format:-

September 9, 2008

I enter the Text functions as-

Text (cell address, "[")

It is time for us to reflect the date cell. Simply enter the formula-

= A2 & "" & B2 & "" C2 & & "in was born" and text (D2, "dddd, dd mmmm yyyy")

Cell looks like-

Born in Joe Smith 10 / 19 / 2003

Cool part about the text concatenation can be used to print a list of programs, using the Excel database list and combine two or more cells data Microsoft Word-mail merge is. Multiple fields together one field [a Word is easy to insert.

Microsoft Excel, learn to master the Microsoft Excel training kit. Also available is your shortcut to help cheat sheet MS Excel short-cut. We also we have available other cheat sheet cheat sheet Microsoft Word short-cut.

You can use Microsoft Excel Vlookup - 5 real-world scenarios.

Why users love Microsoft Excel Vlookup?

At first glance, reveal its entirety could this function? To start using it and its use to emerge. I can implement a variety of scenarios where is displayed. By using the Microsoft Excel Vlookup will work much more efficient. This phrase describes the search feature to me that it would be this: the Microsoft Excel Vlookup function's index finger.

Here is the description...

You used steps using your index finger through line to find the corresponding phone Guide, locate the name and phone number. VLOOKUP function is exactly what this does. Gets attribute that corresponds to the given input.

For example.

Input-related fields: sales entries: name-related fields: birthday: product-related fields: retail price input: students score - related fields: grade input: sales - related areas: tax

Powerful can use Microsoft Excel Vlookup some practical scenarios are as follows.

Other Excel nested on formula example: according to salary bonus prize table that can have the name of the drop-down list you can to get the information in any fields be able to get output format, for example, Vlookup, mobile phone acquisition number, age, etc Dashboard- reports are available in Excel tables can be enabled. Data shown in the VLOOKUP function to retrieve data from real time back-end tables are updated at all times. Change table reflect at all times, the front end report. Multiple versions of the table must be merged Conciliating table re it is very common. What entry does not exist or which are repeated and know of can to build a third table contains the valid data for all. Find the latest version which table- if you have a few lines, you can compare the two table-side manually. When working with large databases this outrageous time. See what's missing, or has been added you can use Microsoft Excel Vlookup, one of the original against fields from one table.

Well, now we are... It is. I see a strong using the Vlookup function to be able to start hope. Please... Treat your data at all times in the creative, and enjoy. Back-end front-end update think applying to find it, and always will feel "real" magic time!

VLOOKUP that matches. Go on, change the variable stop does not appear in the # N/A error. Report implements VLOOKUPs in the hands of end users or # enhances your credibility without crashing the struggle to resolve N/A error again. You can see how after finding the secrets of these hidden Excel VLOOKUP to work quickly and easily. Get my free 33 page report now!

Here's a free download: free Vlookup manifest []

For more information: Microsoft Excel Vlookup.

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Try to Give Excel tables

Blog post on how to get started today with Excel tables is brought to you by Judi Hurlock, who writes Excel online training for

OK, you've got data arranged in spreadsheet rows and columns, with column headers. Why try tables?

Well, tables that make it easy to format the data, sort, filter, add totals and formulas. With tables, you don't have to clamor to get formatting right. Excel automatically adds the table formatting that distinguishes it from all other data in the spreadsheet. And if you don't like the formatting that you see at first, Excel has many table formats to choose from.

Tables are automatically with drop-down arrows at the top of each column that you can use to sort and filter.

A single mouse click displays a totals row at the bottom of the table. Then click on a cell in the total row to get a list of functions to be used: sum, average, Min, Max, and so on.

And wait until you see the way Excel handles formulas across the top of a table column: write the formula, and then Excel fills the formula all the way down the column for you.

If you decide that you do not want a table, you can convert it into a range of data. Click anywhere on the table. Then, Design tab, in the Tools group, click convert to range and Yes then select. To get rid of the formatting, Home tab, in the styles table group, click cell styles and normal then select.

Go, familiarise with tables. Just put the insertion point inside the spreadsheet data and then Enter tab, in the tables group, click the tables on. For more information about tables, take the training to use Excel tables to manage information. And let us know what you think after you give a try to Excel tables.

--Judi Hurlock

View the original article here

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To solve the problem on the Microsoft Excel goal seek technology mechanical engineering design

Problem in mechanical design solutions of nonlinear equations, it is necessary

3 x ^ 3-20 x ^ 2 + 1000 x 12,000 + = 0

These issues will find zero sometimes listed in the format or function of roots

f(x) = 3 x ^ 3-20 x ^ 2 + 1000 x 12,000 + = 0

This means that finding the x value f(x) = 0. Therefore, they are known as root to resolve the problem. Above formula is a common equation problem of finding maximum stress, and point. Equation (until the left side of the equation near-zero only infer values) to resolve such problems can be solved by trial there simple systematic way. Two ways-wrong location method and Newton - Raphson method.

It is a systematic method to reduce the false position method of route areas. In addition to resolve the root of another one, is the Newton - Raphson. Many more sophisticated method False position than it is. Use the slope function root location is extrapolated. In most of the functions, than this method than rapid solutions to False position method convergence and is how little choice of Newton - Raphson method if you would want to find technologies that my favorite route is the Newton - Raphson method after Excel VBA to share. However, because it is a good way to use these functions to False where a particular type of a function, method, very well by the Newton - Raphson method are not resolved. Used to estimate the xn point root location in the Newton - Raphson, curve tangents. Xn tangent slope at xn is just a derivative evaluation function. These routes for more information about solving techniques share later.

Share your desktop PC problems resolve easily very simple Excel techniques in this article, I want to keep. It is known as the "Microsoft Excel goal seek technique. This technique is required knowledge of Microsoft Excel VBA programming.

Microsoft Excel: goal seek technology mechanical engineering design problem solving

1. Open Microsoft Excel and enter the formula shown below.
X = cell D14: goal seek.

3 Or less in value, as shown.

Cell: $E$
Value: 0
To change the cells: $E$ 14

So it can modify the Excel cell E14 x f(x) in cell E16] value is up to scratch (about). Click the OK button.

4 If a solution is found, results are displayed. Note that f(x) X solution depends on the initial value of the input x = 0. When Microsoft Excel goal seek you've found a solution that's rather than to a value other than the initial first (= value cell E14 in this case) may find Microsoft Excel goal seek the solution to change the value of x.

Note: If the current value of [f(x)] is not a for iteration 0, but acceptable, no problem.

Soderberg wire diameter and safety factor is when you design a shaft fatigue load due to maximum shear stress theory is the following expression in conjunction with related fatigue?

(PI/32) * d ^ 3 = n in (Mm / Sy + Kf * Ma/Se) ^ 2 + (Tm / Sy + Kfs * Ta/Se) ^ 2] ^ 0. 5

Largest mm that can apply to other design elements is known to know value axis diameter (d) and expression is for example to set the cell of each input element for example d, n, Mm, Ma, Ta, some of you, such as Microsoft excel. Sets the next step is located on the left and right expressions both formulas.

LHS for something like = by PI () * E20 ^ 3 / 32 (assuming that the value cell E20 d) [and do in the same way the triangle. Enter a different formula to calculate the difference between LHS and RHS. Suppose you enter this formula in cells F11
[Search difference values from Microsoft Excel goal seek use between LHS and RHS zero the.

So goal seek, the values in the dialog box.

Cell: F11
Value: 0
Cell: E12 (assuming the value of the Mm)

Modifies the value of mm searches instead of the value of d, imagine that you want. To change the value only what you've got "to change the cell:" in the cell containing the value of d. So, you gives more flexibility.

Another technique is the Microsoft Excel Solver. It resolves optimization of advanced and very useful tool. However, more customization is required this described later.

This if very useful) hope

Example MICROSOFT EXCEL is goal seek to free in the download.

Mechanical engineering design and read the article about the simulation in

What is the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheeting?

Spreadsheeting concept has been around for hundreds. As a feature to put in the rows and columns of numbers, letters, and other objects can describe the process. Spreadsheet only contains numbers and text is the most common.

Spreadsheeting software version is basically took above manual process puts them in electronic format. While using the spreadsheet can be most commonly used in any situation, accounting industry.

Type spreadsheet use and science industries, financial services industry, aviation industry, civil industry and machinery industry, education, research, science, biological sciences, marine biology, the list is endless.
Basically any industry planning, analysis and data modeling.

Data is defined in terms of text, numbers and formulas in spreadsheets. Used to create models of electronic data and models, screen appears. Model is the electronic version is essentially a real life situation. Became the profitability of your business model, and then spent what still based on the money which you can perform scenario example, money. You can investigate whether or not the cash flow crisis that particular scenario could have been.

The results of the main advantages of electronic spreadsheets ability to change quickly, and almost provided instantly. By using the manual method calculation time, months or years.
Entering data into a spreadsheet be used to generate the graph presentation documents and reports also can be. For example create a chart, and then enter the data in Microsoft Excel. You can copy and paste the chart into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. ?

Key benefits of Excel Spreasheeting

Advantages of spreadsheet software, a wide range of traditional manual methods. Following is a small list of these benefits.

To reuse the data as many times as needed 1 features

2. Calculate the spreadsheet automatically feature

Ability to share data to another application from 3.

Ability to apply formatting spreadsheets four types of font, cell

5. Moving ability comics that can contain objects Excel art, photos, line drawings, text, and videos

Entire capacity check spell 6 spreadsheet in one go

Ability to apply different kinds of formulas that spreadsheet, and then add 7

8. What if a closet scenarios in real time.

Microsoft Excel?

Developed by the Microsoft Corporation in the United States of America, Microsoft Excel, advanced spreadsheeting software applications.

Is the first version of the application, originally written in 1985, Apple Macintosh, but the first PC version was not until 1987 release. Microsoft Excel version 4.0, 5.0, 95, 2000, are available in Excel XP and many versions of 2003 include Windows operating system. Also, can (os2) the Macintosh operating system, such as other operating systems: available version.

Released as part of Microsoft's next version of Microsoft Excel, Office 2000 suites in late 1999. Version was released in 2002, the new generation Microsoft Excel XP is also referred to as a Microsoft Excel 2002 and known. Designed to work with Microsoft Excel XP was the first true Internet application-enabled Windows XP platform, which includes audio recording feature.

Announced last called Microsoft's next-generation Office software application Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007 in the Microsoft interface builds a new generation of Microsoft Excel 2007.

Describes the Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel training course. If you are looking for tools to help you learn the Microsoft Excel shortcut our business web site for visitors. Also business training also will be on our website.

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Microsoft Excel password recovery-easy

Is a great program, that is used by millions of people around the world, Microsoft Office Excel. Is a powerful tool you can securely storing it, and analyze this information whether or not to use a personal or work. In Microsoft Excel users all clean and organized extended, and then import the spreadsheet is to organize the massive data sets.

You must learn Microsoft Excel password recovery for Excel. It is often used to protect access to the Excel document program password one or more of some issues of password recovery is an important topic. This is first profit protect files on it since these passwords to access only to the first.

You can password is lost or deleted if, however, for example it is definitely a horrible situation. This is Microsoft Excel password recovery software come into play. To complete most to work online people to meet tight deadlines and work that must have a ton of waiting. You do not have the time and try to tackle the problems of the computer to understand or sit around them, and what was the password, or otherwise.

Fortunately a solution to this problem is. Retrieves the password Excel password recovery software can be for your work. Providing instant search of the password to get a latency of all work. If you want, and then stop the panic and get your password back to work, use the Microsoft Excel password recovery software.

Software works on how they might be too long or complex password, password recovery immediately. Into the appropriate Excel password recovery software is where someone from May to provide multilanguage support allows to use the software, no matter the.

It can be assured your mind is without a doubt, you are sure cannot retrieve important documents Excel password recovery relief in knowing that tools such as software. And remember the password in the future is not to, make sure you are losing or forgetting them more careful! says. Time is money.

Mark Harrison D. Technology of a life-long interest has led to set the http://www. recover passwords from Microsoft Office applications such as those who Excel, Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint.

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Toshiba e335 Pocket PC

Toshiba e335 Pocket PCEasy to use, the Toshiba Pocket PC e335 features a familiar user interface and tools from Microsoft, such as Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook, and Microsoft Windows Media Player for Pocket PC 2002. Play audio and video files and organize and view your favorite pictures, all with the Toshiba Pocket PC e335's incredible expansion capabilities, including an integrated Secure Digital (SD) media slot for additional memory or wireless connectivity (via the optional Bluetooth SD card) and USB host functionality that allows the user to plug the device into a full-size keyboard.

The e335 features high resolution on its 240 x 320 pixel backlit color display, which can display over 65,000 colors.

With the Toshiba e335 Secure Digital expansion slot, you can get virtually unlimited data storage with Secure Digital removable media. You can transfer digital content between your Toshiba handheld and other Secure Digital card-compatible products, including digital cameras, digital camcorders, and PCs.

Operating System
The Toshiba e335 is powered by Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system, which offers many enhancements over earlier operating systems. You'll get improved handwriting recognition, more reliable synchronization, increased security, and the ability to chat using MSN Messenger.

Extra Software
In addition to the built-in applications that come with Pocket PC 2002, the Toshiba e335 comes with Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer, Microsoft Reader, Microsoft Windows Media Player 8 for Pocket PC, File Explorer, MSN Messenger, Microsoft Transcriber, Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5, Microsoft Outlook 2000, Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC, and ArcSoft PhotoBase.

In the Box
The Toshiba e335 comes with a USB cradle, AC adapter, stylus, soft slip case, quick-start card, and warranty card. It's backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Price: $399.99

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