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VBA class registration closed a few hours – join now!

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The Quick declaration for you.

As you know, we opened our first batch of recordings from VBA classes online on May 9. This programme is aimed at beginners & VBA intermediate users. The objective of this session make you awesome in VBA. We close the registration for this program in a few hours more (exactly at 11: 59 pm, Pacific time, on 20 May 2011)

Click here to join our VBA class now.

At the time of writing this post (approximately 7: 30 am, "time" on 20 May), we have 153 participants in this program. This is definitely a bit more of what is expected. But, as I am confident and eager to help as many of you as possible. So go ahead and join the program, because you want to be awesome.

You can watch the lessons whenever you want: there are no live classes. So don't have the Internet at any given time. You can enjoy a vacation or busy at work and still able to learn VBA in your spare time.Get certificate course: at the end of 6 months, you will receive a certificate of completion of the course of the United States. Also know Excel: if you want to learn Excel, then go to school Excel VBA options +.  In this way, could be awesome in Excel and VBA. Plus, you get 9 months access to our online classes where you can discuss topics, ask questions, offer or repeat lessons and download materials. (6 months access to the VBA option only)

We close registration at 11: 59 p.m. Pacific time today (20 May). see this map to see when recording session will be closed in your time zone. (Click on map to download the excel file with chart)

VBA class registration closing times around the world

Or Download app countdown timer in our VBA class registration.

Some of you requesting the next batch of VBA class. We plan to reopen this course in September 2011. But, if we get too many students in this instalment, we may be busy for a few weeks more than expected.

So go ahead and join the class on.

We (Hui, Vijay and myself) thank you for supporting our first instalment of category VBA. We are eager to kick start next Monday (23) and share our knowledge of VBA. We hope to learn from your questions, ideas and tips so that we all can benefit from this.

Thank you.

Note: of course, we have a lesson on how to create application countdown timer in VBA row. Join us.

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