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Microsoft Excel rounds: defect or hidden truth?

Excel formatting issue

My frequent contacts for client, Microsoft Excel issues from each one similar question ", but either the hotfix or update Excel. When the e-mail message I receive to manually calculate the same values get different answers for some seems to be wrong in my formula. ?

Is to update the "bug" before modifying or Microsoft Excel, service packs, first they are not required. Is the acronym WYSIWYG (pronounced nifty wig) or have heard.

WYSIWYG what = what you get to see

However in some Excel worksheets, is not WYSIWYG to see meaning in what you get. Start a frustration to replicate Excel answer to manually calculate the visible values can not.

See for yourself.

Values are "true" to examples of changes to set the Excel format rather than the value that you can try to.

Open Microsoft Excel (any version). New worksheet, select cells: 1. 987654this number in a cell repeatedly, click the decrease decimal toolbar icon (number of Excel 2010 and Excel 2007: Home tab groups; Excel 2003: located on the formatting toolbar) and 2. See changes to the display until the value is displayed as 0. Look in the formula bar to verify that the original value has not been modified; this value is used in Excel formulas. The number 2. Likely readers display 0 to audit your work if you use.

Of Tip # 1: results like commas or currency and to choose a popular number formatting options in Excel, Excel is displayed rounded decimal number, such as 2 or 0. Value and obstacles change the formatting of these operations or not behind the result of the same number of decimal places to round is. Maintains a full value that is passed instead of formulas in other worksheets in Excel.
Not the solution of the disclaimer.

See disclaimer or "due to rounding error may or may? "And uses it in the States worksheet. Like these statements how the accuracy and reliability of results is based on this information decision reviews of Excel data can we trust?

This problem occurs if you have the number only whole number you use in Excel or limited to dollars and cents (replaced the currency of your country). Many applications, however in the accounting and finance, percentage, constituting might include other values might compute shares to see many more decimal places. The problem of these calculations is to quantify the volume, lease ownership, pricing, and other factors appear immediately-3, 6, 12 or more decimal digits is common, for example, oil and gas industry is other.

Can how important this issue to give an idea, he was hired by oil analysts, "urgent consultation" when shareholders threatened numbers on the property expenses worksheet literally "adding not so. Companies to sue

What is the answer?

To change the Excel formula to match the value behind your answers show formula adds ROUND function. To view worksheets in the same number of decimal places using the ROUND function to use, you can calculate the value.

Is the basic structure of the ROUND function.

= ROUND (formula, # of decimal places)

Is the official Excel term = (number, precision) rounds.

ROUND function is a very complex formula can apply easily. As a function of the outermost expression, such as ROUND (S5 * (H5+J5), 2) = adds.

Some Excel functions and calculations, the ROUND function can be nested in other functions also. Here, the result is an example of the round function to guarantee calculation to correct number of decimal places contained in the argument of the IF function (parts).

= IF ((W5 * 100) > 0, ROUND ((W5 * 100), 0), ROUND ((-W5 * 100), 0))

Of Tip # 2: The number of decimal places in the ROUND function always scale cell formatting choices to match. This way you can create formulas in spreadsheet and WYSIWYG in fact.

Of Tip # 3: problems when to audit a worksheet automatically creating a correct formulas that result in the ROUND function rounding is consistent, so you can dominate.

ROUND functions are important values are hidden in your work to reveal, so add Excel trick.

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If and only if (video)

This post is all about if-Rudyard Kipling's poem, or song from 1971, but bread. If the function is used in many applications, but most of us know from Microsoft Excel:

IF (logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])

If it is one of the most sought after for words on, so we thought we would compile some of our resources, so if you can find them more easily.

If you're just looking for basic information about the function, as the syntax, arguments, and examples, check if function reference topic. If you prefer to watch a video, take a look at the Video: introduction to the IF function in Excel 2010:

We also have assembled a new training course on Excel if function, complete with a quick reference card that you can print out and keep handy.

Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project use a variant of se, known as IIF, to perform conditional logic. For the basics, here is the reference on the topic IIF function. In the Macro Builder, Access logic if it can be built using the if ...Then ...Else Block Macro. In Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you would use the sePoi ...Else statement.

The same basic syntax appears in other Office programs, so now that you have studied in these materials, you should be good to go. There is more you'd like to know if? Do you have any favorite examples of use in your work? Please let us know.

-Chris Downs

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Microsoft to create Excel - charts

Many people can dress up the spreadsheet chaos and impenetrable wall of information! Is an easy access way to display graphs and viewing this data. You can create for a wide variety of charts and graphs different!

Is best in a pie chart in the chart, especially of the English speaking world's most popular will be applied to describe the percentage of the pie slices form rendering. Is a bar graph used to display the value of any other major chart frequency or another category. A histogram that numbers in the range, a line that scatter observation of 2-D observation that this order is connected point amount. Using coordinates in the scatter, shows the relationship between two or more variables.

The other chart, bubble chart, scatter in the 3-dimensional fundamentally is. Polar region is legendary nurse Florence Nightingale, developed and expanded form of a pie chart is figure. Information about the distribution (i.e. minimum, maximum, average, average) can also pick the box plot chart axis only. May have gathered that shows an incredible array of, any information that can be deployed according to diagram. All options, to display information one!

When you create a chart, Excel Chart Wizard very great advantage. The wizard, select data from cells in the workbook in a nice graph of your choice you can! Highlight the need to do everything, which represented workbook data [insert chart, or click the Chart Wizard button.

Hold and press and hold, so you can preview the graph showing how sample button represented as a type of chart to select the next step in the data as it is. The selected data is displayed in the data range box. Whether the data is represented by the row or column, select from a series of options.

From this point, you can change, such as chart titles, gridlines, axes, chart options. In most charts, contains both the chart and axis titles. Must be used to compare the data in the pie chart one date range if you are using a pie chart. It is only a percentage of the total amount of data each.

It's many great tips and lessons only one of the search for information contained in the computer MS Office Online courses at http://www.

Hidden power of Microsoft Excel:

Hear the most frequent one Excel questions is how to add the same header and footer (page layouts) one or more worksheets at the same time? In some variations it is. The answer is simple, but procedure is intuitive and most Microsoft Excel workbook or the web site is also not covered. Spreadsheet Solutions Group is a select multiple sheets in a workbook. If you group the worksheets.

Select sheet to print at the same time. Enter or edit data on multiple worksheets at the same time. Page setup options, apply formatting, such as the selection of all the worksheets at the same time. What is not necessary to repeat the same steps repeat. Delete a group of move, copy, or a worksheet.

To select two or more adjacent sheets: click the first sheet in the group header. While holding down the [Shift] key, click the sheet tabs to select the last sheet.

Two or to select multiple nonadjacent sheets: click the first sheet in the group header. Click then hold down Ctrl while selecting the sheet tab. The selected worksheet tab is displayed as active or white.

All worksheets in that workbook selection: right-click any sheet tab, and then click select all sheets .

To select one or more worksheets, and in the title bar of the Excel workbook, see [group] should be.

Worksheet to group and any action or a worksheet command also applies to all other worksheets in the group. This is to duplicate the same headers, footers, or page layout group of worksheets trick. Excel 2010 and Excel 2007 to choose Insert] tab of [header and footer. Excel 2003 or 2002, select the file > page setup and click the header/footer tab. In addition, each worksheet you select changes, including any text or formatting, add the column heading follows. To enter data in cell B5, and when Group, for example, all the selected worksheets now new data cell B5.

Attention! Is intended only one worksheet worksheet formatting and data changes are complete, add the selected worksheet contains the certainly un-group editing group of worksheets to prevent unwanted changes, the.

UN deceases toggle-group of worksheet you select.

Left mouse button or any sheet tab right-click any sheet tab, click the Group release sheet from the shortcut menu.

Grouped worksheets for each worksheet individually work continue to determine, verify the book title bar.

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How to automate Excel calculations by using the 'loop'

Loop form the heart of the automation. Thus the loop processes most important to use the two learning important useful 'hand' like 'next'.

Because it is a computer program is an infinite loop and many people are trying it in their hands, 'hanging' fear 'Meanwhile' loop. Is the most important thing to take care of the design when you loop 'while' three.

Initialize your counter. Increment the appropriate location n code. Defines the need to stop at the right place when the loop condition.

Make one mistake, and that created a situation may make matters worse and have to start running to it or start program.

If you are using a 'while' loop: may know, last value usually know the starting value. For example, you might start Excel worksheet row data knows how many rows to enter is may.

Check the date range you can know worksheet i. e. line 2 from line 560, ' next ' loop using. Program is based on the formula has been applied, does not calculate automatically.

You can learn how to use software such as Excel and close simple loops to perform automation tasks further empower the nested loop.

To run once the outer loop and nested loop in General within the loop number of runs you want. For example, to enter the student examination in five subjects of mark. Outer loop requires the name of the student. Inner loop, and then question the subjects and mark calculates the total mark, average grades. Now, how variable to both external and internal loop initialization is also becomes more important.

Dr Dinesh K Takyar

Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software to develop and commercialization at Microsoft, part of the Office suite is available for both Windows and Macintosh systems. Has been improved in its functionality, originally running on Macintosh system design, Excel MS / DOS 1987 slow porting of Lotus 1 - 2 - 3 Microsoft operating system and later for spreadsheet market domination transplant was.

Excel as a standalone application, installs as part of the offer of integration in the latter case in Office suite, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Arithmetic expressions and embedding the data operations Excel statistical functions offers basic features such as charts, graphs, or histograms. Using a subset of the complex data processing macro function for design, Visual Basic for applications, Microsoft has developed a popular scripting language. Select spreadsheet application like this offer a convenient Microsoft Office of the first in a great variety, on the market available today, statistics, engineering, and financial needs to answer.

A viable competitive alternative ones. It is Microsoft's pricing policy. You cannot buy Microsoft Excel as a standalone application. Software is sold as part of the Microsoft Office suite offered by 149 per home and student version, 279 license version $ Pro Suite $ $ 399 home and business. To pay such prices people find impossible to spreadsheet functions as Calc suites of such is required to move to the cheap and reliable solution.

Complete suite offers word processing, presentations, and his most famous spreadsheet applications, Oracle, Calc. development, as well as publishing are freely downloadable, Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X never, as well as on other operating systems to run Office has been installed. Think of all features provided by the Oracle spreadsheet features Office someone is not, an alternative Office Calc different prices during a huge: basic arithmetic operations, statistics, histogram graph and to read Microsoft formats, such as.xls,.doc and. Document ppt. providing quick answers to your problem, provided by the developer that users and it's possible from free software and open source communities directly active in the development of software to help you get a personal and direct.

, But like I said, reliable applications an expensive time investing in moving to a new platform, heart of the viable alternatives to keep, such as Excel and hence money. Is fully compatible with Microsoft specifically most format after using is good and offers cheaper alternatives. In the business world, no matter how small your business is to edit the file a.doc difference.

ProvidesExcel and excel training coursecomputer training solutions .

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Format column sparkline charts by using the data and merge cells

Sparklines are great, but there may be times that they need a little visual massaging to maximize their usefulness. Consider this scenario: you have a system for which you want to track downtime over the course of a year and (fortunately) had the events of downtime in only four of the twelve months. Here'sSparkline datadata: the data, I created this column sparkline.Sparkline with general horizontal axis (default)Okay, but it does not highlight the fact that there are no events in January and February and none from June to November. This is because there is no axis Data. I can remedy this axis setting of an option for the sparkline horizontal (or x-) by selecting the option date axis type . Here is the option in Excel (just make sure your sparkline is selected):Horizontal axis options for sparklinesselect date axis type and in the Sparkline Date range dialog box that appears, I'll be sure to select the cells that contain dates (not the data itself). Now, you can see the sparkline exhibition space that reflectsSparkline with date horizontal axismonths missing:, but I'd like to make a few more things: I want the sparkline largest, which extends through the four columns of data, and I also want my axis labels for the columns under horizontal sparkline.I do this by selecting the cell that contains the cell, and then the sparkline next three cells to the right with it. I'll use the command Merge through lengthen the sparkline on B3: E3. Now it looks likeSparkline merged over 4 cellsthis: Finally, I'll add text labels for March, April, may and Dec under the sparkline. I type "Mar Apr may" (separated by spaces) in cell B4, which is under the three-column sparkline, and use the command Merge across to merge the cell C4. You type the "Dec" in cell E4, under the last column sparkline. I will make them smaller and bold font (I used 8 pt) and then put the text in the cell by adding or removing spaces between Mar, Apr & may, until they line up nicely under the three-column sparkline. There!Sparkline with labels in cells belowFor more information about sparklines, see using sparklines to show trends in data. Look for more blog posts about sparklines here via the keyword "sparklines".

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Microsoft Excel - data manipulation

Designed primarily finance business of Microsoft Excel. Or numbers or something-to add, subtract, average, count, name, and Excel programs. Easily represent a graph of your number, add features to power your fingertips.

Microsoft Excel training course presents, and I what students Excel amazed always being outed. Regardless of whether or not they are doing basic intermediate or Advanced Excel course student come of these proposals. In a number of these cases, students, colleagues, family and friends is usually something other than by using Excel had seen accounting / numeric functions. To present the development of various courses and training in Microsoft Excel, and those specifically Excel use the alternative is not possible to focus. Will look at the number of student needs and the future course, stick to the Microsoft Excel basics (i.e. accounting functions).

So you can do what this versatile program apart from good Excel calculations, numerical operations?

If traditional, manipulating large amounts of data, programs such as MS Access or MS SQL Server database is used. However, Excel sorting, converting filters, text, number of data manipulation capabilities, such as for duplicate removal and grouping. You can use it to quickly and easily view from very large amounts of specific data to extract. Thinking about it, look in the same Excel rows and columns of database tables. Filtered by instead of SQL queries can become quite complex data, and highlights the first row of data in the data tab, click Microsoft Excel 2007 in the filter button. This is to put each column in the drop-down selection box. No knows something about complex SQL query SQL queries using these effective and choosing an appropriate value, all users will run.

When you do a mail merge document in Microsoft Word actually appears as an Excel spreadsheet is one of the data source.

For more information, see Excel coursesclick here.

Eddie de-positive, owning franchise specializing in highly successful beginner training are Microsoft Windows and Office computer training run. For more information, see web site for creative minds .

Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial - workbook security

Provides many ways to protect your job security and the Microsoft Office Excel 2007. For optimal security, a strong password to protect entire workbook file. Excel passwords can be up to 255 letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols, is case-sensitive. Additional protection for data in a workbook protects password whether or not a specific worksheet or workbook elements. Protect worksheet or workbook elements, and accidental or can help prevent users from deliberately changing, moving, or deleting important data.

Are listed in this Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial, I to create a password to protect the workbook and how some workbook elements to protect. To the inside of Excel tips and tricks, expert Excel user's Guide. I me we're good you have another Excel tip as part of their Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial series.

Securing workbooks

To provide security for the entire workbook, you can specify two passwords.

Show / hide the workbook opens the. This is the encrypted password, preventing unauthorized access to the workbook. To display the data they read-only mode that can also allow users the option open. You can prevent accidental changes and this is stored. Modify the workbook. Is the password is not encrypted, so this is to allow certain users edit a workbook.

Don't have the same password to these password applies to the entire workbook. Safer passwords are actually different. Available for both functions to provide strong security. Speak of the combination of strong passwords strong capitalization, numbers, and symbols. Sw33tH3ArT0nE, sweetheartone, strong but strong.

To password-protect a workbook.

Save the selected Excel workbook, and then click the Microsoft Office button, and click. Yes, this is an existing workbook. Click lower left corner of the Save as dialog box, click the Tools button, and then select General options. To require users to enter a password when you open a file in the Open box, enter the password in the password. To change the box to require users to enter a password you can save the changes, the password, enter your password. To protect against users accidentally modifying files, read-only check box. Prompts you whether you want to open, they read-only files. Be careful! If you create a password to modify a user to enter this password message appears, read-only and open options. Therefore, if you use a password to change this option. Click the OK button. Prompted retype the password to confirm. After you confirm, click ok. Click the Save button. If you are using the existing workbook, the same file name, replace the existing workbook, click Yes to prompts.

Provides options to protect Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is changed or security element security worksheet or workbook elements removed from using the data. Microsoft Office Excel and other tips and tricks, see Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial series on my other article.

Security worksheet elements

Unlock other users able to change any cell or range on the worksheet to protect. Select each cell to select unlock or whole range locks. Home, click, and then on the Format tab, in the cells with cell formatting] to click. Click the protection tab, click to select the locked check box clear. Users want to show or hide not formulas. Select to hide cells that contain formulas. Home, click on the cell formatting button click, and then on the Format tab, in the cells. Click the protection tab, select the hidden check box, and click OK. To unlock the object like a picture, clip art, or shape: Click each object you unlock while pressing the [CTRL]. Displays the additional picture tools or drawing tools, Format tab note. Do not select objects of different types and does not initialize the dialog box launcher. Click size on the Format tab click the size dialog box launcher next to. Click the Properties tab to clear the locked check box. If the lock text check box to clear. Click the close button. Reviews, click Protect sheet changes tab. Select the element to allow the user to change the list of all users on this worksheet. Unprotect sheet box, enter the password for the sheet password, and then click OK and confirm the password. This is an optional password. If you don't use it, and all users, can seat unprotect protected elements change.

Security workbook elements

To prevent user from, among others, by using the workbook elements of security.

Change the name of the worksheet to hide the display moving, deleting, hiding, or worksheet. Copy the worksheet to insert new worksheets or chart sheets move or another workbook. Displays cell data area, or displaying page field pages display the source data in a PivotTable report. Record new macro

Reviews, choose the option protect structure and Windows changes tab, click protect workbook. To protect workbook structure, select the structure check box. Select the Windows check box to keep workbook Windows every time you open the workbook in the same size and position. This workbook, password (optional)] confirm password to prevent users from removing type, click OK. This is an optional password. If you do not specify a password and Unprotect Workbook users, can any protected elements change.

Excel security is the key features for protecting data.

This is just one more Excel tips and tricks that can help you in your job more efficiently. Be able to benefit many more features. Check out this tutorial for the Microsoft Office 2007 article "to know", Excel lists. Also includes links to free sample online tutorial.

Todd ?????? many years of experience and IT professionals are as business analysts, project managers and IT architects.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 using the settings page

It is important to attend to get the right result from a spreadsheet before printing or distributing a worksheet verify some details.

You must first set the size of the worksheet. To initiate, in page layout view, if necessary, zoom to see. All changes this page layout to display properly it is necessary to clarify, no pointless.

Now navigate to the page layout tab, click the margins button. Select the settings for the margins you want. You must click OK to adjust the margins, click Custom margins, click the margins tab in the page Setup dialog box settings checks complete.
After this, overall, or less becomes can also be longer than the landscape portrait by clicking the arrow buttons, long. Orientation in the gallery.

Select the paper size you want then click the size button. In order to change the size of the worksheet to print if you fit a specific number of pages worksheet force scaled specifies or. Make sure you also specify whether to print the view or grid lines or headings.

Go to time now complete your page size is set, to printing and office menu. Preview Gallery that appears, click document how it expect to confirm whether or not it was visible. Once complete, close print preview, you click to return to page layout view, if necessary, adjust the final layout's.

Editor's Note: Daniel Blinman computer training solutions are recommended for IT training firm Centre London, Bristol, Swindon Solihull and reading. PowerPoint course Excel course to provide computer training solutions call 0800 019, 6882 for course details.

Merged cell on the spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel quick tips-

Using Excel to merge together the number of cells when it comes to time's no slip. This is usually done for appearance purposes. Line one can be good examples, and let's say every month, this year, that is on the line. Or you can combine all 12 month or more cells into one larger cell ???? and everyone associated with that particular year and these months until 1 year to be bold. Put borders around cells when you start merge very useful.

How you can do this process are as follows.

In one year in cell A1, and row 2 months 1 may from each type in the cells of their own. For example, 01-02-A2 B2 March C2 in movement and at the no slip.

Is click cell A1 and click cell E1, you are holding down the shift key while you perform the following steps. This is to merge the cells highlighted. If required, however many cells A1 through E1 are choosing this example can highlight.

Then confirm whether or not you can see the formatting toolbar. So it is important to merge cells, this toolbar is the merge button you press.

To display this toolbar, click Options on the view menu appears click "toolbars" submenu item located at the top of the screen. Click the "format", unless the formatting, the next has a check mark are listed in the following submenu. This shows the formatting toolbar. If there is a check mark next to that already displays this toolbar.

Looking for the button to display the formatting toolbar are now lowercase looks like "a" with arrows on each side of it. Is usually located between the dollar sign button and click the align right button on the formatting toolbar.

Previously highlighted cells are highlighted. If you do not go back to repeat that step. If you go ahead and merge, and click. The year appears in this case highlighted cells are combined into one larger cell, centered on the data.

You know how to combine cells in line right now. You can merge column cells. Vertical to horizontal in exactly the same as all other lines way it is.

About the author.
Mike is a freelance writer.

Excel spreadsheet cells , click hereyou can read more about the merge. You canclick hereto subscribe to his free newsletter to get Mike how-to articles via email.

Try it for free: count values that satisfy a condition with the COUNTIF function

You probably know how to use the count function to count cells that contain a value. If you need an update on the count, see count function, ways to count the values in a worksheet and Video: Count cells in Excel But what happens if you want to count only cells that meet a condition, such as being greater than or equal to a number or a specific date, or that corresponds to the text? Here is where COUNTIF function is really useful.To use COUNTIF, you first specify the range that contains the values that you want to count. Then you enter a criterion (condition) that is used as a test. Here is both with the COUNTIF (B2: B5) and the criterion ("> 55"). The function checks the range B2: B5, applies the "greater than 55," and returns the number of values that satisfy the condition, and displays the number of the worksheet. Easy enough, very powerful.

The COUNTIF function in the formula bar

Below is a live worksheet, Excel Web App Integration feature of Take a look at the formulas, description, and especially the "how it works". And why is a worksheet, you can practice right here by entering formulas of your choice.You can download the workbook by clicking the workbook full-size view in the lower-right corner of the embedded workbook (at the right end of the black bar above). Clicking the button loads the workbook in a new browser window (or tab), where you'll see a Download button. Note that you cannot type of cells in the worksheet view full-size.For information about advanced settings for the embedding of a workbook, see Customize how Excel workbook is embedded.For more information about COUNTIF, see COUNTIF function. To know even more powerful function introduced in Excel 2007 that allows you to use multiple criteria and ranges, see COUNTIFS function.And finally, if you already know about the COUNTIF function and use it on a regular basis, you have advice to share? We'd love to know more about how people use this feature.--Gary Willoughby

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Microsoft Excel - tutorial

Microsoft Excel 2007 is the largest students, accountants, and calculation of other computer users more control using implementation use spreadsheet application in high speed and perfect way. Using MS Excel 2007 is very easy, but provides systematic information creating, saving, and MS Excel.xls,.xlsx file for editing. After reading this article, follow these steps.

Create a new Excel file. Save a new Excel file. Edit an existing Excel file. Delete a file in Excel

Create a new Excel file.

To create a new Excel file to the following

Click Start to start MS Excel 2007 [all programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Microsoft Excel main screen is displayed. Select create new, and then click the Microsoft Office button in the top left corner of the Microsoft Excel 2007 application. The new workbook dialog box is displayed. In the left pane, select the template. For example, create a purchase, if you select a purchase order of the temple. However, if you want to start from scratch in the right pane click blank workbook option chosen, click the Create button. Click the Create button, and then file is created.

Save a new Excel file.

To save the Excel file:

Click Start to start MS Excel 2007 [all programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Microsoft Excel main screen is displayed. Click the Microsoft Office button in the top left corner of the application of Microsoft Excel 2007, save as save option that you select. Click Save to save the Save as dialog box is displayed. Choose a location to save the file. Enter the name of the file name of the file. Under file type, file type fields. By default,.xlsx option choices. When you create a file in xlsx format, does not open in earlier versions of MS Excel. Therefore, you can open Excel files in earlier versions of MS Excel because Excel 97-2003 workbook (.xls) to select Save type field as is a proposal. Click the Save button.

Edit an existing Excel file.

To edit the Excel sheet:

Click Start to start MS Excel 2007 [all programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Microsoft Excel main screen is displayed. Open, and then click the Microsoft Office button in the top left corner of the Microsoft Excel 2007 application you select. Displays the open dialog box. Select the file to edit by clicking the Open button. Make any necessary changes to the file and save the file.

Delete a file in Excel

To remove the Excel file, see location, location. Select file, and then press the delete key on the keyboard. Displays a confirmation message. Click the Yes button to delete the file. However, to restore the deleted Excel files [Recycle Bin], please refer to the folder from it and restore the files.

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What is the difference between 2007 and the Microsoft Excel 2003 and?

Microsoft Excel is used as a powerful spreadsheet application; therefore, keeps updating to Microsoft to provide a spreadsheet application users the most effective simple, stylish. Previously, Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet enthusiasts yearning, launched in the market. So you can quickly identify what a customer needs help this article shows some key differences between MS Excel 2007 and MS Excel 2003. Know about changes made in Excel 2007 after reading this article. The main differences are as follows:

Now the files are not –-like view - Tools menu bar in Excel 2007 to edit. That contains the Ribbon in MS Excel 2007 now access options for Microsoft, and not high speed and exceptional use. This is very first critical difference is that interface. MS Excel 2007 graphical user interface is completely different from Excel 2003. In MS Excel 2007, a typical menu and submenu, menu click replaces tabs and ribbons. Navigating in the main menu in Excel 2003, you must > submenu > gets, just choose the desired tab in MS Excel 2007, the optional features you need, but all of the options in front of you. To start using, and then select options. Is the mini toolbar that appears after the selection of one of the best features of Excel 2007, when a mouse button. For example, any value and the mini toolbar to leave right click right mouse button for options so you can quickly apply word phrase you selected when you select the desired font values, color that is displayed. Work speed is the mini toolbar. This is in MS Excel 2007, improvements in Excel 2003 became missing is. I feel some of the most more frequent bar offers quick access options using Add. In MS Excel 2007, just in few clicks can do the same. Not this feature in Excel 2003. File format is another important change add MS Excel 2007. Provides software to save the file that you created in XML format on the other side, and keep one side, Excel 2003 file format software. XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, and ?????? is the additional formats. Provides features, such as latest version MS Excel 2007 a robust built-in functions available in 2003. Also, in appearance, the change of various software, themes, and other options.

About the author

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Count values with the COUNT function (video)

The process of manually counting values in Excel is time-consuming and error-prone, particularly when you have a lot of data. Fortunately, there are some automated ways to count values. From the questions we receive from our customers on the count, it is clear that not everyone knows how to go about it. There are different methods, depending on what you want to count.

For a simple value count, simply select the range of cells containing these values and then look in the status bar.

Status bar showing a value count

Or, if my data is in an Excel table format, I can quickly get a count value in the row.

Value count using a Total row in a table

But to keep track of a count value of the worksheet, use the count function, which counts the number of cells that contain values, and then specify one or more intervals that contain values within parentheses.

COUNT function

Therefore, the function returns the number of values and displays them in a worksheet. How easy is that?

To see it in action, watch this video.

For more information about this function, and in other ways that you can count in Excel, see COUNT function and ways to count the values in a worksheet.

Don't let the fact that the Earl are an intimidating-it is really easy to use, and once you know it, you will never go back to counting by hand. If you already know about the COUNT function and use it on a regular basis, do you have any tips to share? We'd love to know more about how people use this feature.

-Frederique Klitgaard

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to use Microsoft Excel 2010 Sparklines


Spark is new in Excel 2010, very popular tool to set to. Essentially, spark is the mini-graph occupy just one in a spreadsheet cell,. They are more data venues of familiar charts and graphs for same spotting trends useful. However, a major advantage of Sparklines is its tiny size and usability.

Create Sparklines.

This is a straight forward process and one will probably be familiar with very much is.

First, and then select the 'insert' tab on the Ribbon click the "line" tool in the spark group. 'Ranges' click the blinking cursor in the field represents a sparkling range of cells that drag. Click the cell to the next tab to create a single spark, 'where scope' field. Finally click OK, and then creates a spark line graph.

Note that may be placed anywhere within the spreadsheet, probably sparked the can, in the same row or column you need. You can put together to show in this way, the first spark wide data changes.

Copy the Sparklines

Copying between line chart column or multiple data ranges that can spark like other formula works. Just created your first Sparklines AutoFill handle (located on the bottom right corner of each cell, a small black rectangle) to, and then drag the entire column or row. Additional spark represents a range of related rows or columns are created automatically.

Formatting of Sparklines

To the effect as the default spark line chart format. You can add because of its small size and formatting options for refining from Visual subjected to 'boost' spark.

Add a marker

Additional markers can add highlighting data points along the Sparklines. This is the 'show 'group' design' of the Ribbon, is accomplished by writing the associated tab in the text box. Select the check 'marker' spark line chart options along all points. A wide range of predefined styles, 'style' in the group, you can just click the style you want to apply. Color scheme is immediately from tools in the Styles group on the right side select individual Sparklines and marker colors customization can.

Change the spark line chart.

There are three types of spark line chart: row, column, or win / loss. Highlight cells spark, just the relevant you can click to change the type tool button.

Customizing axis

Is the number of the option to enable adjusting spark axis settings. If data is date range is available from the "axis" on the tool Ribbon ' date axis type '. This particularly useful if you change date range. You can use this tool to edit the vertical axis minimum value. Default value is 'auto' for each spark is the same each spark ' to be able to change. Issue of Sparklines is to generate misleading results because of its small size is one spark line chart from fluctuations in a wide range of different data. Scale adjustments, use this option to full range of data for the chart to fit.

Overview of Sparklines

Spark can be seen to be a very handy way to visually display the data in order to be able to detect trends in us. You must see other than the default graph view and range of formatting options that can be used to understand the best from them.

Paul Brown Paul Brown Associates Inc. Microsoft courses is Managing Director of onsite delivery professional United Kingdom training institutions. Microsoft Excel training courses see www.paulbrowntraining.orgin the blog.

Ends one week to create expense reports date expression method in Microsoft Excel is?

Let's say you are putting together use to your employees for all expense report sheet. Allow one week to enter end date is calculated automatically for the rest of the day of the week spreadsheet. We use two main formulas are as follows:

= IF (B1 "", IF (7 WEEKDAY (B1), B1+7-WEEKDAY (B1), B1), "")

= IF ($ b $ 2 "", $ b $ 2-6, "")

In cell B1 in the date blank if you do not () says at first (""), then go to the next part of the formula, and otherwise leave blank. Returns the number that identifies the date formula = weekday() 1 to 7 of the day. In this example, to February 12, 2010 end date as week selected. = weekday (B1) 6. So, add, and then if you don't get value equal to 7, with B1 Sunday B1, 6, 12, 19 for B1, 5 x 6. We end at 13. (Summary: 12 + 7 = 19 19 - 6 = 13. )? The date is February 13, 2010.

Each day of the following formula. Sunday's formula is: IF ($ b $ 2 "", $ b $ 2-6, "") to =. If B2 is insignificant and 6 draws, otherwise, blank. We give correct date Sunday, 07 February 2010 13-6 example 7 =. Monday formula: we give a 13-7 = IF ($ b $ 2 "", $ b $ 2-5, "") to 8 February till Saturday) = 8. One simple way is there to improve the expense report.

I just put it as a template, and also would work, but how many people tried, and how, understanding job time consuming to do you care to explain? Feel you learn a lot and trying to build yourself these spreadsheets to achieve much. Do you have any questions or comments please feel free to if they tell me.

Thanks for reading!

Model budget Wedding Planner: from good to great in under 5 minutes (video)

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Recent posts by using the RSS model Wedding budget planner: from good to great in under 5 minutes (video), Amy Miller, February 22, 2010 4: 21 PM 0 comments

Planning a wedding can be really funny or really stressful. OK, to be honest, it is usually a bit of both. Can be quite difficult to understand where aunt Mildred's seat at the front desk and how to get your bridesmaids that really cute yellow taffeta. Now imagine trying to coordinate and keep track of your expenses and overall wedding budget. While it can't really help with the problem of yellow taffeta, Excel can help keep your wedding budget.

As part of a 5-minute makeover, check out this short video on how to upgrade your wedding budget planner in less than 5 minutes. And if you like what you see, be sure to download free template at the same time!

Check out the post last week on business expenses, and invoice templates, as well as models of college student and household budget for biggest makeovers 5 minutes.

-Amy Miller

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By using Microsoft Excel 2007 data graphically.

On how clear and understandable than you may think using a well-designed chart to display data. Comparison of picture clarity and difficult concepts to provide visual effects are apparent immediately. Need to determine the type of chart everything and shows the best information for what to char.

To create a chart, you select the data first, contained in all the graphs you want. You must click the chart to use when you do this, go to Insert tab and type. You must choose a graph Design Gallery displays a list from. Go to design tab of the chart graph tool and selecting chart layout, and click.

Graphs have found how to do is a couple of adjustments that you can. First, change the chart type, you can select in the dialog box displays a different type of chart, and then click the button. Or, to change how you want to plot the data, you can button switch rows and columns.

Does to graphs that appear on its own worksheet, and then move chart, and choose new sheet in the move dialog box, click OK, click. You should now all data graphs are immediately create effect to verify. Easy to evaluate and compare the data by viewing the data in the chart.

Editor's Note: Daniel Blinman computer training solutions are recommended for IT training firm Centre London, Bristol, Swindon Solihull and reading. PowerPoint course Excel course to provide computer training solutions call 0800 019, 6882 for course details.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Calculation of the difference between Microsoft Excel

Excel find the variance of the data set provides useful statistics. Generally, these distributed functions worksheet range value set to get the expected calculation.

Only the reader to remind the variance describes the spread of observation of a general distribution is. Variance is related for different statistics, standard deviation. Variance will be square of the standard deviation.

The dispersion of the VAR function in sample

Use the VAR function if you do not want to include sample logical values or text set to calculate the data set you are working. For example, improve productivity and number parts of a set of data every day it's because you can find a sample variance if you are using a new manufacturing process that is supposed. The VAR function uses the following syntax.

= Var (in the range of data sets).

Distributed sample of Vara

If sample data sets include computation in logical values or text that uses Vara. Excel counts the cells containing the cells contain text or FALSE 0 and 1 is the logical value TRUE. VARA function uses the following syntax.

= VARA (ranges)

The VARP function distributed sample of the population.

If you do not want to include logical values or text set to calculate the population are working with the data, but uses the VARP function. The VARP function uses the following syntax.

= VARP (ranges)

VARPA is the dispersion of the population

If you want to calculate logical values or text that population data set is using the VARPA function. VARPA function uses the following syntax.

= VARPA (ranges)

Range of the data set's final note about arguments

You can include multiple consolidation ranges range arguments of a data set as the one other note: distributed capabilities. For example, the VAR function if had calculated the variance of the sample by using the VAR function, the separate worksheet ranges of data was stored as follows:

= VAR (B1:B:10, B101:B110, B200)

Small business establishment and co., Inc. CPA Stephen l. Nelson has written a do-it-yourself limited liability Kit in all 50 States on Sunday. He, MBA, MS tax on hold.

To create a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet

Translate Request has too much data
Parameter name: request
Translate Request has too much data
Parameter name: request

Please Note: In order to follow along with this tutorial please have your Microsoft Excel 2007 software open.

What are spreadsheets?

When writing an article, you organize the information by breaking it up into paragraphs and sentences. You group similar ideas into sections and arrange them in a logical sequence. This structuring of information makes it easy to locate and understand the text. But what will you do if you are asked to organize information that is represented with numbers? For example, how will you structure your monthly budget or analyze survey results?

Numerical data when entered into tables (rows and columns), becomes easier to locate and understand for quick viewing.

For example, remember how baseball or cricket scores are displayed on your TV screen during a match? There are rows and columns. The rows display the names of the players and the columns display information such as the number of balls each batsman played the number of runs he made, and the run rate.

Benefits of Working with Computerized Spreadsheets (or Worksheets)

Meet John Nicholas who teaches at St. Xavier's and is the class teacher for the seventh grade. Every year, he spends hours manually entering the marks for different subjects for each student into the result sheet, finding the highest and the lowest totals for the class, and then calculating the class average. But this year, things promise to be different. John plans to use computerized spreadsheet for his task.

A spreadsheet is essentially a grid containing several rows and columns, in which text or numerical data is entered.

The word spreadsheet comes from the account keeping ledgers that use a double spread or both the sheets of an open register to enter financial data.

Spreadsheets are typically used to create budgets, analyze survey results perform various types of financial analysis, create financial reports and charts, organize lists, sales forecasting, and tracking expenses. These are also used for tabulating data for result sheets for your exams, attendance registers in offices, and keeping scores during games etc.

Can you think of other instances where spreadsheets can be used?

Traditionally, people used huge sheets of paper as spreadsheets which are not only cumbersome and complicated but time consuming. Any information that changes must be erased and rewritten. With computerised spreadsheets, however, you can create formulas that automatically update when you change your data.

Computerised spreadsheets are created using a special computer software program, such as MS-Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that lets you create and work with computerised spreadsheets. It is a powerful tool to organize, manipulate and present data, fast and simple to use, even when you are calculating complicated formulae. The program has Word-like features to help you format text and add borders to cells. Excel also allows you to create attractive-looking graphs and charts to supplement the figures in your spreadsheets.

What is a Workbook?

An Excel file is also called a workbook. It is the file in which you work and store your data.

To create a new blank workbook in Excel 2007,

Click Quick Access toolbar > New.

To save a workbook in Excel 2007,

1. Click Quick Access toolbar > Save button. 2. Type Class9_results and save the file to the desired location.

Now, let's explore our spreadsheet to understand more about its features.


Notice that in the lower left corner of your spreadsheet, next to a bunch of arrow buttons, are tabs called Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3. These tabs represent the worksheets where you will enter your data.

The rows and columns grid that you see on the screen is the worksheet represented by Sheet1.

1. Click on the Sheet2 tab. 2. A blank spreadsheet opens. 3. Click on Sheet 3. 4. Another blank spreadsheet opens.

You can compare these worksheets to the pages in a notebook. Like a notebook has many pages, a workbook can contain many worksheets. A worksheet is also called a spreadsheet.

This feature enables you to create separate spreadsheets for all related topics in one common Excel file. For example, the Class9_results.xls file can hold separate worksheets for the First Terminal Examination Results, Second Terminal Examination Results etc.

Note: By default, an excel file or workbook has three worksheets. However, as you work along, you can add as many worksheets as you want to the workbook. You can also delete existing worksheets form a workbook.

Let's rename the first worksheet as First Terminal Examination Results.

To rename a worksheet,

1. Double click on the tab. 2. The name Sheet1 is selected. 3. Enter the new name First Term Exam Results to overwrite the previous name Sheet1.

Here are some more ways you can manipulate a worksheet.

To Copy a worksheet in Excel 2007

1. Right click on the worksheets. 2. A dialog box opens. 3. In the Before Sheet section, click on the sheet before which you want to put the new sheet. 4. Click ok.

To Insert a worksheet

In Excel 2007 click the insert sheet button which is located next to the worksheets (at bottom beside sheet1, sheet2 etc.)

To Move a Worksheet

Click on the sheet tab and drag it to the desired location.

To Delete a Worksheet

To delete a sheet in Excel 2007, use the right click menu > and delete button.

To Open and Close a Workbook in Excel 2007

1. Click Office button > open.


1. Click Quick access toolbar > Open. 2. Select the workbook to be opened and click open. 3. The workbook opens.


Now look at your spreadsheet. Do you notice how it is neatly divided into a grid of horizontal rows and vertical columns?

FACT: A spreadsheet contains 256 columns and 65,536 rows.

The point of intersection of a column and a row is called a cell. It is the basic unit of a worksheet. This is where you enter, calculate, manipulate and analyse data such as numbers and text. Each cell can contain text, values, or a mathematical formula.

Cell Label

A cell has a unique address, or "cell reference", which is composed of the coordinates of the intersection of a column and a row.

Each column is identified by an alphabet on the top of the worksheet - A, B, C. Each row is identified by a number on the left side of the grid - 1, 2, and 3. These letters and numbers of the columns and rows are called labels.

You can easily locate a cell by its label. For example, a cell located at the intersection of the fourth column i.e. Column D, and third row i.e. Row 3 will have the address D3.

Activity: In your spreadsheet, locate the cells B2, E9, L13.

Active cell

Active cell is the cell currently selected for either data entry or editing. You can identify it by the heavy black border, with a small square in the lower corner that surrounds it. John begins his work by selecting cell A1. To make cell A1 your active cell,

1. Click inside the cell A1. 2. A black border will appear around it, distinguishing it from other cells.

Entering Information (Text and numbers) into cells

Having learnt about the Worksheets and Workbooks John wants to now use Text to display non-numerical information like names of students and numbers to display the marks obtained in the second terminal examination.

To enter text / numbers in a cell, Select a cell and start typing.


? To move to the cell below the active cell, press Enter. ? To move to the cell adjacent to the active cell, press Tab.

Activity: Type the following information in your spreadsheet.

? Ensure that the first cell A1 is selected.

? Now type: Second Terminal Examination Results

? As you go along you will notice that a blinking cursor appears in front of every character that you type. Also, notice that your text appears in the formula bar, too.

? After you have finished typing, press Enter.

? The current cell becomes deselected, and the outlined border now moves to the cell below it, A2.

Another thing that you notice is that the last portion of the text in cell A1 appears to flow over the column A into the adjacent cells in columns B, C and D. In fact, if you look closely, the common borders between the cells seem to have disappeared. Don't worry. Your text is safely in cell A1.

? Now type the following in the corresponding cells:

Cell A1 - "Second Terminal Examination Results "

Cell A2 - "Roll No"

Cell B2 - "Name"

Cell C2 - "English (100)"

Note: `

? The text / numbers appear in the formula bar, too.

? Although the last portion of the text in a cell A1 appears to flow over column A into the adjacent cells in columns B, C and D, don't worry. The borders between the cells have not disappeared. Your text is safe in cell A1.

Adjusting Columns

If you find that text in cell C2 is overflowing into cell D2,

1. Move the mouse pointer over to the C column label.

2. Carefully place the mouse over the common border between columns C and D. The pointer changes to a two headed arrow.

3. Press the left mouse button and slowly drag to the right.

4. Column C gradually widens.

5. Release the mouse button.

6. Column C becomes wide enough to enclose the entire text in it, and all columns in front of it shift to the right.

7. Type the text shown against each of the remaining cells. Do not forget to press Tab after typing each text item.

8. After you have entered text in the various cells, adjust their column width to show all the typed content.

Consider these issues when creating a worksheet:

? Which items are data, numbers that you will type

? What do you want to calculate from the data

? Which number are constants and used in a variety of calculations

? What arrangement in the columns and rows will make it easiest for you and your intended audience to work with the spreadsheet?

The suggested order for entering data in a spreadsheet is:

? Type the text information to create a structure.

? Type the data.

? Create formulas, using cell references to do calculations on the data.

? Format the text, numbers to make it easier to read.

For more information or to see the images that correspond with this tutorial please visit:

Tutor-Smart-Pro Tutorials specializes in instructional tutorials for Microsoft Office including Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, Publisher and Outlook.

Filter data in Microsoft Excel 2007

Quick Search a subset of the data so that meet the filter criteria to display only the rows of the worksheet, it is also an easy way. This is a specific text or greater or can include a line that contains less than a certain number of digits. These lines do not meet the criteria for filtering and you will be temporarily hidden. See only the data of interest, thereby. All filters set up specific data filtering, and hope to reveal the hidden to select any other items you need.
You must choose to filter the data to filter your data. Click Filter, and then navigate to the data tab. Select the item to use as a filter and click arrow now used as a filter. Select items to use as a filter, click the down arrow on the column to filter another column if you must. Column filters if you have a little instead of filter icon black down arrow icon, check the is filtered to instruct.
Once the filtered data to return to the unfiltered state if you want click the filter button on the data tab again. This returns all columns to their original state.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Microsoft Excel-it just be more than a spreadsheet.

Most of us are one part of the Microsoft Office suite programs are familiar with the program known as the Microsoft Excel. It is a simple database program can create a spreadsheet much, that's what the has to. However, it is much more useful if you take time to learn ins and outs of this program can be found. This powerful software to learn thoroughly by yourself only success in the work of your home can also have as well.

Not realize many people how the Works spreadsheet can really be, you can bring you programs like Microsoft Excel. Depending on the type of data that needs to take advantage of working the line on a technicality, plenty of options available, and your job function. All calls can highlight, all-the-fly editing sheet database information and asset management to correctly handle spreadsheet layout. If you are using Excel for many people, real understanding to do this, all of it is cannot fully utilize capabilities can provide you.

Your taking the time to master Microsoft Excel, to keep your job and your life in order to improve the productivity. When I take time to learn this powerful program is to achieve understanding of the features and functionality of all work. You can figure out a way, fast, spreadsheet that can be used to create and use software to your own productivity to maximize. To use Microsoft Excel in a typical office setting, also, yourself and your valuable assets will help. Do not you Excel very often utilize at your current job is. This is usually due to lack of basic understanding of the level of the office programs. You may be unable for productivity, the entire category you too when you get good skills in, as well as yourself. Can I adopt a program did not know existed most of the other people are also key features. If you move to the next level, Excel 2007, your employer shows your skills has been validated by Microsoft, with - Microsoft certified application specialist - to can get.

Do not have finished with it working. If you have installed on your computer at home at home using Micosoft Excel Microsoft Excel software is easily brought to your personal life. This order of individuals in one safe place all the important information to keep helps keep. Many people find the budget management tool very useful. To create a family budget with the easily manipulated, track, and you can check that can be found. Find it all sort of other profitable assets is an important name, phone number, address, also is no username and password of one of favorite sites to keep easy access location. The possibilities are endless. If you store sensitive information just on your computer very important, even though in mind that ever lost or stolen, to secure.

Computer certificates


Create a Microsoft Excel 2007 totals.

Calculates the subtotal can excel if you have large amounts of data in a worksheet. Displays subtotals for the group must do all instructions to item data excel outlines. It classifies subtotal data priorities and work with. To sort the data before you can create subtotals, Excel.

To create a subtotal column first, to create the selection data and subtotals by sort should be. Click on the data tab, and then move to display the subtotals dialog box. In this dialog box, select the column you select in the subtotals [used to calculate the subtotal function.

You must select which columns to display the result, after this is done. Then select the options you want before clicking ok] or other specific conditions. Finally, simply ensure to hide or display your results in detail.

To remove all subtotals, you must select cell data and subtotals, and you click the Subtotal button on the data tab in. When you click this to delete a worksheet in the subtotals dialog box, move to remove all subtotals from, all the buttons do.

Editor's Note: Daniel Blinman computer training solutions are recommended for IT training firm Centre London, Bristol, Swindon Solihull and reading. To provide computer training solutions Excel training and PowerPoint training call 0800 019, 6882 for course details.

Excel 2010 new Center for resources on TechNet for IT professionals!

TechNet has just published a new resource page of Excel 2010!

Excel 2010 resource center on TechNet

This page is full of information for IT Pros, including links to on-line articles, white papers, blogs and videos that cover:

How to get the considerationsCompatibility of trialChanges and Migrating Excel 2007 with earlier versions of Excel and formatsHow supported file to optimize the services of performanceHPC for settingsOverviews for change ExcelHow macro security Excel Services and Excel Web AppHow to configure security for ExcelHow to find resourcesWhere developer to find support

This is just an example of what is on the page-there is so much more! Surely it is a good one to add to your Favorites!

-Amy Miller

View the original article here

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Microsoft Excel: If a simple data analysis capabilities

Total most frequent functions in Excel to use to be very useful IF function to the Excel workbook tricks must be. IF function to test whether or not the condition is true or false and to perform actions such as calculation and data entry. Search Excel entries, how often, sort or manually enter additional data you must data filtering or audit? IF function can be evaluated automatically data or creating a condition-based.

You can condition formulas, values, or text.

Entries will be evaluated, cells, formulas, values, or text may be > results may answer formula, value, or string. An example may display click OK in the amount of the budget more than 5%, and otherwise show "over".

First, look at the IF function structure (Syntax). Other Excel features that we start = (equals), and then function name, such as parentheses it = (. Is the structure of the logic and IF functions.

= IF (testing/evaluating what you are, what to do if true, what to do if false)

Formal syntax and structure is a: = if (logical expressions, [true], [value_if_false])

For example, total more than $ 1,000 in our case, where the then entered in the $ 100 bonus, formula cells to calculate analysis; otherwise the bonus is not. Looks like this formula: = (B2 > = 1000, 100, 0) B2 appraised value. Like other formulas, results are updated when the value changes. And you can copy to calculate the additional value of this calculation down or sideways as well as other formulas.

Data = filter, such as to check the results of the IF function can be text entries you can (B14 = E14, OK, "auditing is required" and)... When this sample function in the values of two cells are the same results "OK", "required audit" answer is otherwise. Note that the enclosed text entry outside of quotation marks commas, quotation marks to create a string). Note that if you add a space after each comma is not the problem.

But wait... more! Nested function

All evaluation is only one condition to limit the two different actions. During the three or more potential for example, based on the value or range of levels must be calculated for different. This is nested or more if you call the function. To nest other functions within the IF function if necessary, to create a logical criterion. For example, the IF function, applicability result of total or average functions.

For example, if the following acts with these options.

Value is $ 25,000 less than the 10% multiplies. Value is at least $ 25,000 50000 dollars less than the 20% multiplies. Otherwise (value is $ 50 k than even great), multiply by 30 %

The formula looks like.

= IF (H3

Note: theworksheet function to the nest just an equal sign, the first nested in a function statement if required i.e. the second formula, does not equal signs have symbols. You can use up to 64 levels (levels 7 and Excel 2003 in the only with Excel 2010 and Excel 2007) many nesting, but nested formula is!

No complicated functions must be complex

Some are ready for the fun of many functions? IF function AND, OR and combination of which can function to create several conditions must be true (or), and vice versa every expression is true (and), only one expression to apply more detailed assessment is not (not) to appropriate.

It is a simple methods that describe how to create nested functions Excel function breakouts with own especially. This example is as follows: this is to test has been designed.

= IF (and (B2 > 750, B2 = = 1000, 100, 0)))

Cell B2 is 750 to 1000 less than (and) If you enter 75 cells. Cell B2 is more than 1000 years enter 100 cells. Otherwise, enter 0 (the part not true or false).

To add option in Excel IF function, grab in Excel IF function to create your own detailed reference to:

Dawn Bjork Busby Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) master certified instructor and certified expert certified instructors, Microsoft application professionals (paid), Microsoft Office and as the software Pro ? and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) is. Dawn software speakers share smart ways to use software effectively through her work as a trainer, consultant, and author of six books. Software for more tips, tricks, strategy and technology the found at http://www.

Stand on the budget could be easier than you think

Ask most of your friends how they're doing, and probably will tell you how busy their lives are. You may feel that too. Sometimes just thinking to reconcile work and family can be exhausting. Many of you use and love Excel in the workplace. Makes the tasks faster, keeps you organized and adds insight into data that surround you.

Many of you may already be taking advantage of those same benefits of Excel at home too. After all, how many of us know, sometimes keeping a handle on workplace data is easier than managing our family budgets.

We have shared models with you before on this blog, but today we want to highlight a really big family budget template.

Image of family budget template

This model allows you to monitor your expenses of households for the category and monitor expenditure. One cool feature is that it quickly identifies where you need to cut. That's why immediately calculates the difference between actual expenditure and objectives which it is set at the beginning of each month.

For example, below you can see the summary view of entertainment expenses with projected and actual costs, and the difference clearly called out.

Summary view of a single category

I also like how you can use this template to monitor your spending. When you need details, can quickly drill down into each category to see specific costs. And enter a new expense is easy, too. In addition, the budget will automatically update with each new entry.

Here is an example of the details around monthly expenses. You can quickly see where spending has gotten a little hand in the categories of Entertainment and food.

Monthly expenses details view

If you need a little help with your family budget, and already love Excel, check out this model. It not only makes it easier to stay on budget, but also helps make every penny and every minute counts, so you can use your valuable time at home to do things that are more fun, like playing monopoly with your children, take a walk with your spouse, or even taking a NAP (my ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon).

-Amy Miller

View the original article here

Things you should know about working with Excel Excel 10

Microsoft Excel is considered the best spreadsheet application. However, self-describing graphical user interface and embedded help documentation by using this application is easy, is that many are known to all users. All information about the range of maximum rows, columns, cells, columns, formula number are known to Excel users.

This article is the same idea in mind are scriptable. After reading this article, didn't hear ago some important facts that may know about MS Excel 2007. This application must know about 10 of these facts are as follows.
On the Excel sheet, 048, 576 lines, 16,384 columns, and 17 includes more than 100 million cells. Column width can enter up to 255 characters or column can be up to 255 characters. 255 Characters for headers and footers Excel 2007. Excel sheet can be split into panes up to four [be able to add a file that you created by using MS Excel 2007 sheets 64,000 in.xls or.xlsx. These sheets are cross references available. Up to 256 users, open the already people working in shared mode shared the.xls or.xlsx files can be shared at the same time. Data form - MS Excel 2007's most commonly used features. Often used for form collects information in a fast and perfect way. In the data form, up to 32 fields, SR., such as name, address 1, address line 2, contact numbers like that, you can add. List of functions that can be used is very large. You can use various features, such as subtraction here, calculations in a spreadsheet application, more than 300 built-in functions is provided. Some features available in total, average, maximum, minimum, and, or, true of the other, such as. Functions can be nested up to 64 levels. You must undo any recent use the spreadsheet entries. You can cancel up to 100 times the MS Excel 2007 action. Excel sheet from 10% to 400% as required expanded can be. For example, if you simply viewing data in big mode, the file to grow. When to create a function in a spreadsheet application, cannot be added more than 8192 characters.

These are 10 MS Excel 2007-must know the facts about a simple spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft Corporation is.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PivotTables can save the day in a budget crisis

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Recent posts via RSS PivotTables can save the day in a budget crisis Doug Kim 24 Mar 2011 5: 01 PM 1 comments

This episode "Office Show" has a common dilemma: the budget figures that you want to analyze in Excel contain many rows and columns of numbers seems an impossible task to get everything resolved. Meanwhile, there is a deadline looming and mounting pressure to figure out how to save money.

This is where enter PivotTables. PivotTables are brilliant to make sense out of the walls of numbers, because I do a lot of work for you. Can automatically organize and summarize data, so you can see immediately that things such as what areas of your business are performing the best (and, unfortunately, the worst).

So really what situations call for a PivotTable? You should create one when you want to:

A sense of large amounts of data and numbers -pivot table helps you see the forest through the trees.Analyzes the data in detail -Drill down to answer specific business questions. For example, you'll be able to see which of your products are outselling the others or those that generate the most revenue.Focus on the areas that need your attention -apply specific filters to see only the data that you want to analyze.Display data from different angles -Pivot data to get the perspective you want, maybe compare data from different regions or different products.Present data in a report -a professional-looking report format will help other people easily understand the data analysis, especially if you use functionality such as conditional formatting, and sparklines. You can also include a PivotChart for SoundSentry.

We have a lot of resources on creating PivotTables from this blog post and video by Frederique Klitgaard expert PivotTable. A few other useful links:

Create or delete a PivotTable or PivotChart report

Quick start: create a PivotTable report

Overview of PivotTable reports and PivotChart

What happens if you need to connect your Excel workbook with multiple sources of data at once? Here's where PowerPivot, a free add-in for Excel, can really help. Also increases the ability to Excel in dealing with hundreds of millions of rows. We have more information about PowerPivot in a future post.

-Kim Doug and Frederique Klitgaard

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Comments Mertzlufft 28 Mar 2010 4: 52 PM

In Excel 2010, the drop-down menu in a PivotTable connected to ssas in now limited to 10,000 articles.  In Excel 2007, the limit was 32,000.  Is there a way to change this in 2010.

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How to customize the workbook in Microsoft Excel: default

Gets the standard workbook when you create a new Excel workbook. But what if that book do not like or? For example, maybe print page always (or almost) to use has a standard header. Prefer a different default font style or new worksheet created sizes, number formats, change the width of a column layout often.

To do this, the appearance and layout of the Excel worksheet to give quite a bit of control. Very much, is to create a completely customized default workbook is easy. If you create in Microsoft Excel 2010 and Excel 2007 is behind this magic trick template file named book.xltx (book.xltm) on the default workbook contains macros, the file saves to the appropriate location on your hard drive.

To create a new default workbook template.

Open a new blank Excel workbook. Customize exactly to the blank workbook. Save the workbook in the folder specified in the specific file name. Additional ideas and procedures are as follows.

Excel workbook might change some elements:

Font styles and font sizes: highlight part of a worksheet and select the number, alignment, and font formatting settings from the home tab, in the font . Print settings: one or multiple worksheets selected, page layout] tab > page settings group headers and footers, margins and print orientation, such as of specify print settings, and other page layout choices to indicate. Removes thenumber of seats: additional or worksheet name sheet tab to change the color of the worksheet tabs. : Column widths and layout change the width of the column otherwise usually prefer different column widths, select the column, or an entire worksheet.

Note: your custom default workbook to insert the back in a new worksheet, to return to the original formatting and layout. You may book a source workbook, extra worksheet, you can copy on additional demand, extra or master worksheet.

How to apply changes to multiple cells or worksheets

To apply formatting changes to all cells, columns, or rows, first of all to all cells in the selection (press Ctrl + A) highlight. When you are finished, press [Ctrl] + [home] highlight the cell clears.

To print multiple worksheets in the workbook settings apply, such as formatting changes, right-click any sheet tab, select all sheets on the] and click. Complete the change, all sheet tabs in the group the worksheets off click again.

You do not need to create a new workbook by default all (the default is 3), if you want to change the number of worksheets in a new workbook. Select the file in Excel 2010, > options, in the General category to select, and then sets number of sheets needed for this many sheets. In Excel 2007, select the Microsoft Office button, click Excel Options. This many sheets specifies the number of sheets for setting, and then select popular categories.

To save your new default workbook.

If the default new workbook are your favorite files tab or the Microsoft Office button, then choose Save as to save > Excel workbook. Save as] dialog box, select the Excel template (.xltx), and select the file type drop-down list. Name the file as book.xltx. Need to save files in the XLSTART directory on the local c: drive. Location of this directory varies depending on the version of Windows and Microsoft Office; to find the hard drive folder. You can close it after you save the template file. Close Excel. See new books to start Excel.

Each time you start Excel now, a new blank workbook create template based on. In addition to clicking the new toolbar button (or press [CTRL] + N), a new workbook created from the template.

Like usual, this or other default workbook can be customized individually if necessary.

No effect on workbooks, create, and change the default on your computer only save active workbook custom default Excel workbook to use computers on the network by other users. To share the default workbook book.xltx files copy to the appropriate location on another computer, however, can.

XLSTART directory is on your network if you are storing files, you must access permissions. Instead, this new alternate startup directory book.xltx save file, and then any name that you can create unique system startup directory. Select Directory names are unimportant, but need to tell it to Excel.

In the other directory to save the default workbook.

Create a new folder in book.xltx file containing the C drive. File selection in Excel 2010, > options], click the Advanced category, and click. In Excel 2007, click Microsoft Office button and choose Excel Options, and then select the Advanced category. Enter the full path of the section of general use as the alternate startup folder at startup, open all files in box. Book of the same name opens a file in the XLSTART folder if in both the XLSTART folder and the alternate startup folder.

??: Only be able to try to Excel open all files in the alternate startup folder, open the Excel files and determine whether or not to specify folders that contain only files each time you start Excel.

To save effort and time in Microsoft Excel, creates its own custom books today.

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