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How to visualize data product sales? [Challenges Excel # 2]

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We have people challenge Excel again!

I know our friends in the United States was away celebrating Memorial Day weekend. It should not leave the rest of us fun. Therefore, we have a new "challenge" in Excel. This time, you need to planningprocedure to view product sales data.

Is this,

Excel Challenge #2 - Visualize Sales Data

Download Excel file using this data.

1) make one (you can also group schemes, but not dashboard or multiple layouts) depicting the collapse of our product sales. Should help planning your answer to any of these questions:

What is the composition of income, how it changes over time? products in more $ s? sales trend from January to may

2) you are free to make additional plans to answer questions. I think just like the owner of the company that sells these products (think like me, because these sales of some products) and attempt to understand the data.

3) you can use Excel or your preferred visualization tool to make your chart.

Prepare your chart and save workboxind an e-mail message to chandoo.d @ with subject "resolved-2 EC" or upload your work to and share it with the public and post URL here via comments.Note: submit your work before 6 June, 2011

I will post all entries on your readers to see You will also choose one random winner of best charts.

The winner will get a random "Amazon Kindle reading device"-WiFi version

Note: submit your work before 6 June, 2011you can send multiple antrisor upload your work to and share it with the public and post URL here via comments. your workbook in an e-mail to chandoo.d @ with subject "resolved-2 EC" Please do not use Add-ins or macros to generate graphs. Please send the files unlocked only. You also agree that can publish your files for others to learn.

So go ahead, and visualize data product sales. Enjoy!

Charting one of my favorite areas. Very good graphs and communication patterns discovery. We run contests draw all the time. Browse some previous competitions

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