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Introduction to programming-introduction lesson "from VBA

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Andchallenge in VBA row. Many students who joined the no background programming VBA program. They may have written some simple software for a long time, but most lack a basic understanding of programming. Teaching VBA can be difficult if we tackle this problem.

Thus, we have added a lesson on "Introduction to programming". In this lesson, we aim to provide programmes for non-brogramers.

Because many of you think of join our VBA classes, it is appropriate to give this intro to programming lesson as lesson demonstration. Please see below.

In this lesson you will learn,

What do the terms software programming implies? Hello World program in conceptions of elements handlingmodolarizationkommintingravikal variablisobiratorskonditionslobsixsibshn fababrograming.

Click here to download the presentation slides [pdf]

Click here to load the workbook with the macros example HelloWorld (need to display the code in the workbook).

There is more to this lesson. In part 2 (30 minutes), we discuss various programming language & share tips on how to start programs.

You can get part 2 and more tutorials in VBA to join our VBA classes.

Click here to learn more about VBA tutorial & enrollment.

VBA Classes from - Learn Microsoft Excel VBA & Macros

Please note that registrations will be closed Friday-20 May.

Please tell me how to introduce programming to the layman, by using comments. I would like to learn from your perspective.

Note: join row VBA if you want to become awesome in VBA and move forward.

PPS: also see the introduction to Excel.

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