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Mod () function in Excel to "implement escalation" [financial modeling tutorial]

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Take the apartment for rent $ 1000 per month and puts the owner provided escalation increased 10% in every 3 years. How you can model this in excel? In this tutorial and see how that escalation in certain frequency using the mod function is implemented in excel.

Function calculates the lip, the Ministry of defence in the Division. For example,


Simple function, it calculates the remainder, but can check some of extremely complex tasks.

We want to create a form where user can change the frequency of escalation, for example, if you are able to negotiate escalate every 4 years, should be flexible enough to incorporate that sample.


First of all we create the search, if the year escalation. We use here the function mod (). For example, if the requirement of three years, then stepped up to take the Ministry of Defence No. 3 year. If the remainder is zero, it means increasing year (I know it can be confusing ... So my suggestion-playing with the mod function ()).


Once the escalation, we total up the escalation and find even one year total escalation.


Then we simply take the basic numbers, and the number of escalations at this point in time.


I have no doubt in my mind that a strong (and confusion). And confusion due to the nonlinear nature of the post (sometimes gives rise to consequences and results sometimes reduced)!.

If you plan to implement anything attribute for example, you want to color every fifth row of your excel, or you need to specify every day of the week, or anything like that, could be the function mod () function is very easy!

I know that the easiest way to do copy paste values in your form and update it manually. Easy to understand, but at the same time is not flexible. How implemented this functionality in your forms?

I have created a template for you, so give your subheadings and to bind the form to obtain cash numbers! You can download the same. from here you can go through and fill the yellow boxes. It also recommended trying to create this structure yourself (so you can get the hang of what information is logged).

Also you can download this template filled and check, if the information that you recorded, match mine or not!

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Modeling financial one repeated uses Excel. Please go through the below articles for more information,


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