Friday, January 28, 2011

Managing data using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel was designed primarily for number crunching and financial analysis; however, you can use any small business or a great data manipulation features. If you want to add something number, subtraction, multiplication, and Division using the Excel program is Yes, sum, average, your-name. Have the power to run your business at your fingertips, and add a graphing data.

To send to our questions in preparation for joining the recent webinar Excel tip, asked the participants. Involved and the ability to manipulate many data questions of Excel has some great features for this purpose.

Data-software used to provide our Webinar complete provides a list of participants in an Excel spreadsheet. Need to add the column name of the online seminar worksheet I. I added a single column header, type the first cell in the title column. Enter the column containing the same Excel double-click the AutoFill handle (bottom right corner of the cell on thin plus sign) until seen left blank column cell text. I copy information about this spreadsheet and paste it into a master worksheet of all webinars we offer.

Relevance-that there are two icons on the Ribbon bar can sort your data. One is ascending (a-z) or descending (z to a). Click in the column sorting, selecting the direction you want. When sorting by one or more columns of a data / sort] sort up to three columns in Excel, using the menu option and can be.

Filters-can limit view by filter what you see. Select some data, filter, AutoFilter column headings on one line. This deploys the down arrow next to each heading. Click the down arrow, then click Select from the list and are filtering into the selection-based. By using the custom option to list by setting conditions, such as "above a certain dollar value. "Filter

Subtotal-this is the great features of Excel can create based on the average column changes count, sum,. You can count the number of people attended each seminar seminar participants here,. Single Webinar column sorting, subtotal data. What I (my case attendance) to what function displays a dialog box asking is I'm counting on that count, and which column at subtotal I-seminar name to use.

Label or character-is either created when Microsoft Word mail merge, data of Excel. Select your list, and then you can create a marketing letter or label. You can limit the number of characters certain criteria using the above filter feature, for example to ????? thank you letters, last month.

As a certified public accountant and certified Office Specialist, Microsoft, Sue white wide work in Microsoft Excel. Sue also CD business training team and partner and their training resources to Microsoft Excel extensive training and provide partnership is. Visit more information about using the features of Microsoft Excel that you can learn how.

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