Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Microsoft Excel 2003-using the how to join multiple text binding cells together

One of the problems facing probably Microsoft Excel 2003 is combining the various cells in one single cell. For example, prompted there are three columns title, first name and surname, maybe to combine these three values. To achieve this functionality for text concatenation function. This article is in the process of combining these cells.

To start, open the Microsoft Excel 2003 and create a new worksheet. Create a worksheet is to combine two or more cells than the now very easy we want. Is simply Microsoft Excel worksheet as follows to create.

Title first name and last name date of birth
19 October 2003, Joe Smith
Miss Martha Henry Feb 1945, 20,
Ms Kelly Christopher Walken 3, 2, 1952,

Should you need to start building a worksheet, click cell A1, the value of the title to this cell. Following his values, such as cell A2 must be. Once the finishes of this worksheet, cell E1, then in the move statement E2.

That what we do with ampersands and is a combination of symbols, text concatenation function using cells A2, B2, C2, and D2. However, a catch. You cannot automatically just text cells that dates and numbers combined. You must use the TEXT function to enable this feature.

To add the first title, first name and surname together to try to focus. Select cells E2 first and following types-

= A2 & "" B2 & &; "see & C2

In the above expression during the quotation reveals that space. Is this text field in coupled together, otherwise, as may be made-


We now look at the process of multiple cell together full text adds text cells other than text and date time. You must to add text to the date, first convert to text. This is by using the TEXT function. You can also TEXT function sets the date format in a specific format. For example, if you wanted to date format:-

September 9, 2008

I enter the Text functions as-

Text (cell address, "[")

It is time for us to reflect the date cell. Simply enter the formula-

= A2 & "" & B2 & "" C2 & & "in was born" and text (D2, "dddd, dd mmmm yyyy")

Cell looks like-

Born in Joe Smith 10 / 19 / 2003

Cool part about the text concatenation can be used to print a list of programs, using the Excel database list and combine two or more cells data Microsoft Word-mail merge is. Multiple fields together one field [a Word is easy to insert.

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