Thursday, January 27, 2011

What new version 2003 from Microsoft Excel, since Excel version-the history

If you are considering upgrading to another version of Excel in all three previous releases new features explained: Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. To read what each new version!

New features for Microsoft Excel 2003.

What's new in this version of Microsoft spreadsheet applications.

-List is more clearly delineated in the workbook is much like behavior
-You can now compare workbook side two

Truth has become a major innovation for Excel 97 and Excel such as conditional formatting, data validation, and hasn't changed since software. Until it is...

New features for Microsoft Excel 2007.

It was a great new version. New features included:

-Changing the way to access all commands completely, famous Ribbon
-Good due to the ability to apply fill effects in the cell format
-Expressions now auto-complete feature is known as the more you don't have to guess
-A much more powerful, conditional traffic light symbols and formats, including many in the non-
-Rewritten for graph and now look good
-Edit the WYSIWYG mode for headers and footers in page layout view

I think if you're wondering whether or not to upgrade is probably worth it!

Microsoft Excel 2010 new features.

It was a pretty small upgrade, but nevertheless was fixed some mistakes from 2007. New features include.

-Return on the file menu in the Ribbon
-Customize the Ribbon.
-Sparklines small cells in a chart
-Slicers (can you more easily compare the data in the pivot table)

However, user 2007 and will show little difference very 2010.

New features to the Microsoft Excel 201 X.

Oh, we knew only! wrote Microsoft application for IPhone furiously performs the slim design and write down the version of Excel, clouds otherwise happen what would guess is difficult to guess. You will be able to do away maybe some day Microsoft Excel is stored in relational database, and you need to make another application?

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