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To solve the problem on the Microsoft Excel goal seek technology mechanical engineering design

Problem in mechanical design solutions of nonlinear equations, it is necessary

3 x ^ 3-20 x ^ 2 + 1000 x 12,000 + = 0

These issues will find zero sometimes listed in the format or function of roots

f(x) = 3 x ^ 3-20 x ^ 2 + 1000 x 12,000 + = 0

This means that finding the x value f(x) = 0. Therefore, they are known as root to resolve the problem. Above formula is a common equation problem of finding maximum stress, and point. Equation (until the left side of the equation near-zero only infer values) to resolve such problems can be solved by trial there simple systematic way. Two ways-wrong location method and Newton - Raphson method.

It is a systematic method to reduce the false position method of route areas. In addition to resolve the root of another one, is the Newton - Raphson. Many more sophisticated method False position than it is. Use the slope function root location is extrapolated. In most of the functions, than this method than rapid solutions to False position method convergence and is how little choice of Newton - Raphson method if you would want to find technologies that my favorite route is the Newton - Raphson method after Excel VBA to share. However, because it is a good way to use these functions to False where a particular type of a function, method, very well by the Newton - Raphson method are not resolved. Used to estimate the xn point root location in the Newton - Raphson, curve tangents. Xn tangent slope at xn is just a derivative evaluation function. These routes for more information about solving techniques share later.

Share your desktop PC problems resolve easily very simple Excel techniques in this article, I want to keep. It is known as the "Microsoft Excel goal seek technique. This technique is required knowledge of Microsoft Excel VBA programming.

Microsoft Excel: goal seek technology mechanical engineering design problem solving

1. Open Microsoft Excel and enter the formula shown below.
X = cell D14: goal seek.

3 Or less in value, as shown.

Cell: $E$
Value: 0
To change the cells: $E$ 14

So it can modify the Excel cell E14 x f(x) in cell E16] value is up to scratch (about). Click the OK button.

4 If a solution is found, results are displayed. Note that f(x) X solution depends on the initial value of the input x = 0. When Microsoft Excel goal seek you've found a solution that's rather than to a value other than the initial first (= value cell E14 in this case) may find Microsoft Excel goal seek the solution to change the value of x.

Note: If the current value of [f(x)] is not a for iteration 0, but acceptable, no problem.

Soderberg wire diameter and safety factor is when you design a shaft fatigue load due to maximum shear stress theory is the following expression in conjunction with related fatigue?

(PI/32) * d ^ 3 = n in (Mm / Sy + Kf * Ma/Se) ^ 2 + (Tm / Sy + Kfs * Ta/Se) ^ 2] ^ 0. 5

Largest mm that can apply to other design elements is known to know value axis diameter (d) and expression is for example to set the cell of each input element for example d, n, Mm, Ma, Ta, some of you, such as Microsoft excel. Sets the next step is located on the left and right expressions both formulas.

LHS for something like = by PI () * E20 ^ 3 / 32 (assuming that the value cell E20 d) [and do in the same way the triangle. Enter a different formula to calculate the difference between LHS and RHS. Suppose you enter this formula in cells F11
[Search difference values from Microsoft Excel goal seek use between LHS and RHS zero the.

So goal seek, the values in the dialog box.

Cell: F11
Value: 0
Cell: E12 (assuming the value of the Mm)

Modifies the value of mm searches instead of the value of d, imagine that you want. To change the value only what you've got "to change the cell:" in the cell containing the value of d. So, you gives more flexibility.

Another technique is the Microsoft Excel Solver. It resolves optimization of advanced and very useful tool. However, more customization is required this described later.

This if very useful) hope

Example MICROSOFT EXCEL is goal seek to free in the download.

Mechanical engineering design and read the article about the simulation in http://mechanical-design-handbook.blogspot.com/.

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