Thursday, January 27, 2011

Copy and paste it at the Microsoft Excel 2007

Using Microsoft Excel 2007, normally elsewhere in the worksheet or worksheets need to copy some of the content if copies to another workbook. To do it easily using copy and paste function of Microsoft Excel 2007.

(You can now open Microsoft Excel 2007, or by clicking the Office button, select the create new must be) let's open the blank worksheet. Complete contents of some worksheet before I proved to copy and paste functions. Let's is randomly "of copy" to a1 in cell A10 is key. Now, you have a string of text "copy". Now say to copy entire text "copy" series cell D1 to D10.

I currently displayed and the running the simple steps. First A1 cell A10 inclusive in your keyboard, press CTRL + C to copy to the Clipboard. Alternatively, right-click a selection area A1 A10 to place the cursor on to copy or home-can select > Clipboard-> copy.

The selected area find dotted line (shows to copy this region selection) are covered. Is following, and then move the cursor to the cell D1 and click Enter (or right-click cell D1 and paste] to selection or a path home-to can follow; Clipboard-> copy), paste the contents of A1-D10 to D1 A10.

Simply copy and paste functions in non-text you can copy anywhere desired within Excel charts, formulas, logical functions and other features Microsoft Excel 2007 only limited.

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