Saturday, January 29, 2011

Undo / Redo in Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel user can repeat or Redo button to undo their mistakes by some action. This is a typewriter, which is a significant improvement to differentiate it go ahead under most conditions users to correct mistakes.

Accidentally deleted sentence is to copy and paste errors, incorrect data logged by the Microsoft Excel mistakes such as plot chart. To for you to Miss detect mistakes, can absolutely safe, and cancels the operation. How exactly is behind the screen?? the record when working with a worksheet in Microsoft Excel to do. Undo records, and the sequence of steps that can start that requires it.

For example, now just in cell A1, enter text "this", enter "mistake" text in cell A2. Say you want to remove it, don't want the word "Miss". However, Undo to delete text from a worksheet of course easy way one "mistakes", may run to the same effect as selecting the button.

By simply clicking Undo button easy to find, might be, undo, quick access toolbar may delete that text mistakes. Now press the button undo says enter text of "success" in cell A2 is actually delete text "success". Sit next to the button undo] push word [redo] button easily, and can be restored.

Can be made in a Microsoft Excel worksheet to track the operation of up to 100 is. Overview of the number of actions [undo] button next to the drop-down button, and see the list are the bigs, are shown at the bottom of the list. Will better understand the actions each recorded action to clear what exactly, you don't have to undo their actions may have to keep has a brief description for you.

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