Friday, March 4, 2011

Excel 2007 For Dummies

Excel 2007 For DummiesOne look at Excel 2007, with its new Office Button, Quick Access toolbar, and Ribbon, and you realize youâ??re not in Kansas anymore. Well, have no fearâ?? Excel 2007 for Dummies is here!

If youâ??ve never worked with a computer spreadsheet, or if youâ??ve had some experience with earlier versions of Excel but need help transitioning, here youâ??ll find everything you need to create, edit, format, and print your own worksheets (without sacrificing your sanity!). Excel 2007 for Dummies covers all the fundamental techniques, concentrating on only the easiest, most user-friendly ways to get things done.

Youâ??ll discover how to:

  • Rearrange, delete and insert new information
  • Keep track of and organize data in a single worksheet
  • Transfer data between the sheets of different workbooks
  • Create a chart using the data in a worksheet
  • Add hyperlinks and graphics to worksheets
  • And more!

Plus, in keeping with Excel 2007â??s more graphical and colorful look, Excel 2007 for Dummies has taken on some color of its own, with full-color plates in the mid-section of the book illustrating exactly what youâ??ll see on your screen. Whether you read it from cover to cover or skip to the sections that answer your specific questions, the simple guidance in this book will have you excelling at home or in the office no time.

Price: $21.99

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