Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using index effectively.

Almost everyone these, use spreadsheets everyday life, whether at work, home or at school.

However, many of even knowing its basic functionality and other features and capabilities available to explore in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

Some are afraid to ask for other people may look stupid they don't know.

Others, tend to scare them away amount of thickness of these books and books available may read additional features and functionality.

What is "the effective use of spreadsheet" tips of this series, I serious in the Office for an application in your DVD collection catalog provides useful features to please more easily work on the spreadsheet Microsoft excel to use spreadsheets to keep your favorite recipes or.

By using the HYPERLINK function found that very useful, especially large number of tasks and worksheet to be referenced frequently, but one feature that indexes your spreadsheets.

You may be 10, or 50 or 100 worksheet in the workbook is very difficult, time consuming and, on the sheet tab scroll at the bottom of the worksheet, locate specific worksheet.

The best way to find fast and accurate search worksheet number 1 in index spreadsheet as entire workbook creates.

Try this out.

1) To open a new spreadsheet file

Customers, or recipes (location A1) of row 1, column 2) to enter.

3) Right-click the A1, and then click scroll hyperlink

In this document in the left hand side location 4)

5) Cell references from the list select sheet 2.

Press OK 6)

In cell A1 of Sheet2 currently refers to cell A1 of Sheet1.

In cell A1 of the customer A sheet 1, displays the hyperlink underline.

Put on a cursor in a1 sheet 1 and you click there, it takes straight to sheet 2

7) Same sheet 2 A1 now, the sheet to sheet 1 (index) for the reference to 1

Repeat step 1 to 7 some more spreadsheets, about 5 or 6 pieces, customer or B since the recipe says, and results see.

It's great not.

Link back to the index in a spreadsheet of all now link and index spreadsheet just created.

Enjoyed it out, it is effective in your daily work to use.

I write many tips that many times, so for more information, care, but trying to help the best and I can mail whether or not I will assist any of the functions and the.

Author, Raja Kamarudin Multiplan Idris [Lotus 123 [finally Microsoft Excel and Corel WordPerfect and Quattro Pro, for serious work, at home for personal use from every day since the 1980s the spreadsheet is used.

He Multibizlink design company, and develop all sorts of applications using spreadsheet software.

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