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Printing Microsoft Excel expert tips on easy

Avoid these smart way to save time, and frustration, set up to print Excel worksheet.

Customizing the print area

Unless you do not specify a print range by default, the entire worksheet print in Excel. To restrict the print area.

Highlight the cells to print. File select > area print > set the print area. New remain in place until the change print.

Clear existing print area, select the file, > regional print > clear the print area.

Quick print a range of cells

Only when you print a range of cells to temporarily highlight, range, and then just select the file > to print. Under the category of what (in the lower left corner) to print, choose Select, and then select ok.

Hide view page break preview

Most Excel users are still the page break preview, has found, another great way to set the print range in the worksheet. Simply select view > page break preview the. Prompt appears. (This option also appears from the Print Preview view.)

In page break preview area can be adjusted by moving the solid blue border, white areas of the display. Cause a page break dotted line display; you can move and adjust these to create a manual page break display as a solid blue line.

This view is also a convenient way to display a page split like which worksheet. Note page 2 of grey page label. You can perform all actions of the worksheet from the page break preview. I usually (to the right on the standard toolbar to discover), change the zoom to 100 percent. To change to the previous view in the view select > usually.

Set page breaks on your own.

Another way to control page breaks are here. To create a new page worksheet rows and columns, you select. Break is over the highlighted row or to the left of the selected column. Choose the Insert > page breaks. As a dashed line, display pagination.

Heading to print all the pages to print all the pages on the same row or column?? heading to print is easy with print titles. Files that have to do all select > > page setup, and then select the sheet tab. Select a title row or column title underneath the print titles option. Highlighting the click, and then finally the actual spreadsheet columns in the row or all pages. Complete click Ok or other print settings.

Fit to page

Unlike a Word document, the content is restricted to the paper size or orientation. Must fit into one page all data of many pages required to display your content, but sometimes the height or width can be divided into the worksheet. To do this.

First to file select > the size of the minimum margins settings set the layout to work. You change the paper size and orientation. Select category to fit, and then choose the page tab to scale. For example, if you want to fit the data columns are all down the length of one page landscape, and 999 page tall, wide page "to change the direction you choose. Low value will reach page page 999 this setting is not accidentally makes the page much smaller size shrink to determine.

Scale to fit, in another option that adjusts the size on a percentage of normal size. Important note: 100% non-scaling, the page breaks are ignored.

Easy page setup more than one worksheet

When several years ago, hallways, Manager of one to me in his Office to pull was headed to build the client. He is exactly the same worksheet in a large Excel workbook repeat the page setup selection, spent the whole morning. "An easy way?" he asked. Your bet. For here the same printed page settings to apply to the worksheet: group them. Is the way to ?????? of the two groups.

To highlight all of the worksheets in the workbook, right-click any sheet tab, and then click Select all sheets. Click on each of the group while press down [Ctrl] key to select only specific worksheets in the worksheet.

Either way in the show group workbook name next to the title bar is displayed. Now just on the part of easy, choose the file > layout of the page setup and margins, header and footer that contains the worksheet you want paper size, select the option.

Tips and disaster? To become part of the worksheet page setup is complete, you are nothing but including data entry, immediately worksheet edit and format settings reset confirm whether or not you. To ungroup the worksheets, right-click any worksheet tab on the group release sheet that suits you best. No longer displayed in the group label, the title bar to make sure.

Simplify printing in an Excel project following these shortcuts.

? Dawn Bjork Busby.

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