Sunday, March 6, 2011

Microsoft Excel 2010-MS Excel 2010 new features

Because it was in Excel 2007 when you start a major new software applications, companies are some wrong-getting the inevitable. Fixed a couple of mistakes Microsoft now and Excel 2010 introduces some new features, but is too much of a difference. Whether or not you agree to read this article, see!

On the file menu

In Excel 2007, open, close and delegate training course with us. To save the confusion was used Office button. File disguised as a Ribbon of Microsoft, file tab,, menu click recover now. Now please click the print tab we can?

Customizable Ribbon

In Excel 2003 is to manage time wasn't easy and could not create a number of different toolbar. In Microsoft Excel 2007 was less than the (knew if you had XML way round this) determined only for the user to add to the Quick Access toolbar tool, the default. Excel 2010 we're happy compromise: you can also create your own Ribbon tabs can customize the Quick Access toolbar for users, by default.


Sparklines miniature chart shows in one cell.

In the data table to imagine you're looking for. Each row, see the company 12 months (one per month figure) sales data for name, column 1. Did Sparklines column 14 charts showing sales and same graph to copy this cell, and then create a 12 months, this company. Nice idea, but we see that the impact cannot be.


Slicers hope can be forgotten in the static or the next version of Excel, is one of those ideas. Another set of data in a pivot table, it is recommended to create an easy way to search. This problem is what more easy?? using page fields, previous default method we just room for this extra hassle is already an incredible to was very easy to use.

Don't think if you have Excel 2007 features taking screenshots of Excel and other features to increase the maximum file size is a worthy upgrade.

Andy Brown train and develop the Wise Owl business solutions ( in Excel. You can see more details about the Excel 2010 new features.

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