Friday, March 4, 2011

Manages the cell on the Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet.

Describes how to manage a cell on a worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2007. Enter the chapter now starts to move the cursor in the worksheet. Begins with all of the cells. To move through a worksheet just how cells using management and range development. Describes how later in this chapter.

In one cell, selecting the most basic steps of worksheet just your mouse to click, you can put that is very easy. How to move cells A1 through C3 to it is also very easy, just click on your keyboard, cell A1 arrow, press also relatively simple steps.

Come here for information about how to move from a1 A30000 (Thirty aide), is the hard part? Click a1, and then press the down arrow key, keyboard to take a relatively primitive way, but this time! If you need especially the working with a worksheet from A30000 frequent access to wasted time.

Let me share one easy way.
Step 1: always, A1, and click
Step 2:, place the insertion point in the browse box.
Step 3: key "A30000"
Step 4: input
This going to cell A30000 soon.

This is, of course, applies to all other cells on the worksheet. How to terminate random cell, row, XFD30000 to let us choose. Is the final cell could go to the cell in the column it is.

So far, in the browse box cursor to try again. Enter "xfd30000", then press. Immediately find your last cell, the cell in the row.

Move your own, larger worksheets, worksheet cells to move when you must, especially in going to working on this short cut very useful can be found.

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