Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gamma probability distributions in Microsoft Excel

Gamma distribution work? brief explanations and Microsoft Excel provides several useful features.

Gamma distribution work? not familiar with this powerful statistical concepts and techniques if not easily described in the order. If you generated the Poisson process at a rate of success m per unit of time, elapsed time stochastic variable x, rth success here follows the gamma distribution.

The gamma distribution is to determine the amount of time until you reach the line of rth people often used.

By using GAMMADIST function.

If you know find x and probability using GAMMADIST function you want
The following syntax.

= GAMMADIST (x, alpha, beta, cumulative)

For example, is equal to 25 x the same beta and Alpha = 8-9 and the cumulative TRUE.
Use the following formula:

= GAMMADIST (25, 8, 9, TRUE)

Returns the value 0. 007774.

By using a function.

Is whether or not you want to search a given probability, and use x, or a function.
The following syntax.

(Probability, Alpha, Beta) is that =

For example, if equal to probability.5, 8, Alpha, equivalent to 9 beta's example

= Is (.5, 8, 9)

Returns the value of 69. 02.

By using GAMMALN function.

Using GAMMALN function to find the natural logarithm of the gamma function.
, G(x). GAMMALN function uses the following syntax.


For example, is equal to 25 x, use the following formula:

= GAMMALN (25)

Returns the value 54. 78.

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