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How to organize a Charter to a Microsoft Excel data

How to verify the data for the Excel chart

Easy-to-use Excel, you must learn the three main terms: data point, series, and data category.

It is a basic building block of the data point.

Individual plot in the chart values are known as data points. Graph Visual because it represents the numeric value of one or more data points that the value is always. However, most Excel formula also also able to plot the formula to meaningful numbers, that you have to note. (Actually, if you like this you really formula calculation value plot are. )

Organize a series of data points.

Related to all data series of terms-can refers to all parts of the same set of collection of values. This may sound complicated, but really is not. If you create a chart over the last 10 years of monthly interest per cent of its collection interest is a data series. If you plot the advertising costs over the last 12 months is the data series is a collection of values of its costs.

To create most diagrams uses one or more data series. For example, if you want to compare the sales of the three competitors, competitors ' sales revenue is probably own data series and will is.

For example, with annual sales of three fictional companies Excel worksheet will be: Carson bread co., Ltd., Anderson. Hans Christian Andersen revenue data point represents the data series. Baker's revenue data point will be different data. -Represent Carson and data elements to the third and final series yet.

That represents the second display data category

Refers to the terminology data category secondary view, perspective, and data are chartered.

Chart to plot time frame of five-year annual sales companies in the categories of data collection data points every year. Collection of data points in one year one year represents a category of data. Represents a category, two data points, 2 data, as well. 3, 4, And 5, data points of the same would be true.

Rule of thumb of the distinction between the data series and data categories

(Usually part of Microsoft product documentation to define, to distinguish between these two conditions are very good because it did not work) are confused about the differences between people in general data series and data categories. Can use the following two rules of thumb to differentiate between the Excel chart data series and data items.

1. General questions, what this graph display, of table refers to all identifies data series a concise answer. Anderson, Baker Carson three companies of fictitious sales revenue to plot a simple line chart if you something-like with ", is Anderson's revenue, revenue Baker's and Carson revenue figure" to say maybe this is not a coincidence; displays data series in the chart. Hans Christian Andersen revenue is a set of data. So Baker's revenue and profit of Carson.

Take time to some value 2 time series chart changes. To any
Time series chart, data categories, or will some, such as a quarter, or year time intervals. For example, chart, plot of five years sales
Is the data category, of the time.

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