Saturday, March 5, 2011

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys-our favorite MS Excel keyboard shortcuts

How it works, and why they like us's favorite keyboard shortcuts is here!

Insert the worksheet.

To insert a new worksheet pain is the bottom of the screen, mouse move left, and can contain the right click. Press SHIFT+F 1 is how much easier.

The name of the cell or range.

Easier you can use the mouse to move the cell to press F5. In this dialog box to type in range or cell reference, and can be to go the displayed press OK!

Insert the scope name.

When you create the formula's range name (, it's called, especially useful if you have forgotten) to paste can be. To do this, F3-to push this brings that you created, you can select the alphabetical list of all range of name from the one you want.

Select the entire column or row.

If you have a block of cells selected press Select to SHIFT+CTRL + all the corresponding row or column, down or right arrow keys can (rows and columns respectively).

Enter information into multiple cells at the same time

Many cells in the same data at the same time to enter information to select, and then press CTRL+ENTER.

Cell editing

And do keyboard shortcuts when editing a cell, double-click that can always be-so press the F2 key.

To copy cells or

If you copy the cell to (between), fastest way, usually (a little black cross beneath the bottom right corner of the cell), use AutoFilter. In some cases, however, is easy to use keyboard. Only to column (or row), select the cell, to copy the cells of Excel on (left) and press CTRL + d (or CTRL+R) to (while).

It is our favorite shortcut keys. What is your take?

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