Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Working with grouped Microsoft Excel worksheet

It is working with one of the features of Excel is often overlooked group of worksheet. You can group and, at the same time two or more worksheets worksheet in the workbook. You must perform the same tasks this repeat over and over on another worksheet.

In the workbook set next to each other to group worksheets.

Click the sheet tab of the first worksheet. Click the tab for the last sheet in the group while pressing the SHIFT key

Next to one another appropriately, not Group worksheet.

Click the sheet tab of the first worksheet. Click the tab of the sheet for each CTRL key in the group.

After you create the group displays the word "group" in the title bar of the workbook. Can be grouped together to set one worksheet formatting, all worksheets in the same format settings. To insert rows on a worksheet, all worksheets in the same row is inserted. This is great tool when the same of all the worksheets need to format.

The fill command editing, can be used to enter information on multiple worksheets are grouped on the home Ribbon bar when. For example, to do this if you can, and add some worksheets to workbooks to copy part of a worksheet, copy and paste that, however, some operations may take. Grouped worksheet by using the fill command new worksheet in the workbook to insert quickly in the copy of the original worksheet could not.

Create a total of more than one worksheet or is required before you can create a summary worksheet by using a special mathematical functions paste using the integration capabilities of the same worksheet. Make sure that the row or column headings and other formatting operation, change, add, spreadsheet is uniformly first, group the worksheets.

Spreadsheet and want to change, add or worksheet to group the same worksheet for all groups if you forget to note that if you use a group to be the numbers. Click on a sheet of AA is not, to delete a group in the group. If all of the worksheets are grouped, and then right click on any tab group unlock sheet. Will tell you whether group Excel sheet before making changes to, and then keep an eye on the title bar.

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