Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software to develop and commercialization at Microsoft, part of the Office suite is available for both Windows and Macintosh systems. Has been improved in its functionality, originally running on Macintosh system design, Excel MS / DOS 1987 slow porting of Lotus 1 - 2 - 3 Microsoft operating system and later for spreadsheet market domination transplant was.

Excel as a standalone application, installs as part of the offer of integration in the latter case in Office suite, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Arithmetic expressions and embedding the data operations Excel statistical functions offers basic features such as charts, graphs, or histograms. Using a subset of the complex data processing macro function for design, Visual Basic for applications, Microsoft has developed a popular scripting language. Select spreadsheet application like this offer a convenient Microsoft Office of the first in a great variety, on the market available today, statistics, engineering, and financial needs to answer.

A viable competitive alternative ones. It is Microsoft's pricing policy. You cannot buy Microsoft Excel as a standalone application. Software is sold as part of the Microsoft Office suite offered by 149 per home and student version, 279 license version $ Pro Suite $ $ 399 home and business. To pay such prices people find impossible to spreadsheet functions as Calc suites of such is required to move to the cheap and reliable solution.

Complete suite offers word processing, presentations, and his most famous spreadsheet applications, Oracle, Calc. development, as well as publishing are freely downloadable, Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X never, as well as on other operating systems to run Office has been installed. Think of all features provided by the Oracle spreadsheet features Office someone is not, an alternative Office Calc different prices during a huge: basic arithmetic operations, statistics, histogram graph and to read Microsoft formats, such as.xls,.doc and. Document ppt. providing quick answers to your problem, provided by the developer that users and it's possible from free software and open source communities directly active in the development of software to help you get a personal and direct.

, But like I said, reliable applications an expensive time investing in moving to a new platform, heart of the viable alternatives to keep, such as Excel and hence money. Is fully compatible with Microsoft specifically most format after using is good and offers cheaper alternatives. In the business world, no matter how small your business is to edit the file a.doc difference.

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