Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to automate Excel calculations by using the 'loop'

Loop form the heart of the automation. Thus the loop processes most important to use the two learning important useful 'hand' like 'next'.

Because it is a computer program is an infinite loop and many people are trying it in their hands, 'hanging' fear 'Meanwhile' loop. Is the most important thing to take care of the design when you loop 'while' three.

Initialize your counter. Increment the appropriate location n code. Defines the need to stop at the right place when the loop condition.

Make one mistake, and that created a situation may make matters worse and have to start running to it or start program.

If you are using a 'while' loop: may know, last value usually know the starting value. For example, you might start Excel worksheet row data knows how many rows to enter is may.

Check the date range you can know worksheet i. e. line 2 from line 560, ' next ' loop using. Program is based on the formula has been applied, does not calculate automatically.

You can learn how to use software such as Excel and close simple loops to perform automation tasks further empower the nested loop.

To run once the outer loop and nested loop in General within the loop number of runs you want. For example, to enter the student examination in five subjects of mark. Outer loop requires the name of the student. Inner loop, and then question the subjects and mark calculates the total mark, average grades. Now, how variable to both external and internal loop initialization is also becomes more important.

Dr Dinesh K Takyar

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