Friday, April 8, 2011

Filter data in Microsoft Excel 2007

Quick Search a subset of the data so that meet the filter criteria to display only the rows of the worksheet, it is also an easy way. This is a specific text or greater or can include a line that contains less than a certain number of digits. These lines do not meet the criteria for filtering and you will be temporarily hidden. See only the data of interest, thereby. All filters set up specific data filtering, and hope to reveal the hidden to select any other items you need.
You must choose to filter the data to filter your data. Click Filter, and then navigate to the data tab. Select the item to use as a filter and click arrow now used as a filter. Select items to use as a filter, click the down arrow on the column to filter another column if you must. Column filters if you have a little instead of filter icon black down arrow icon, check the is filtered to instruct.
Once the filtered data to return to the unfiltered state if you want click the filter button on the data tab again. This returns all columns to their original state.

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