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How to use Microsoft Excel 2010 Sparklines


Spark is new in Excel 2010, very popular tool to set to. Essentially, spark is the mini-graph occupy just one in a spreadsheet cell,. They are more data venues of familiar charts and graphs for same spotting trends useful. However, a major advantage of Sparklines is its tiny size and usability.

Create Sparklines.

This is a straight forward process and one will probably be familiar with very much is.

First, and then select the 'insert' tab on the Ribbon click the "line" tool in the spark group. 'Ranges' click the blinking cursor in the field represents a sparkling range of cells that drag. Click the cell to the next tab to create a single spark, 'where scope' field. Finally click OK, and then creates a spark line graph.

Note that may be placed anywhere within the spreadsheet, probably sparked the can, in the same row or column you need. You can put together to show in this way, the first spark wide data changes.

Copy the Sparklines

Copying between line chart column or multiple data ranges that can spark like other formula works. Just created your first Sparklines AutoFill handle (located on the bottom right corner of each cell, a small black rectangle) to, and then drag the entire column or row. Additional spark represents a range of related rows or columns are created automatically.

Formatting of Sparklines

To the effect as the default spark line chart format. You can add because of its small size and formatting options for refining from Visual subjected to 'boost' spark.

Add a marker

Additional markers can add highlighting data points along the Sparklines. This is the 'show 'group' design' of the Ribbon, is accomplished by writing the associated tab in the text box. Select the check 'marker' spark line chart options along all points. A wide range of predefined styles, 'style' in the group, you can just click the style you want to apply. Color scheme is immediately from tools in the Styles group on the right side select individual Sparklines and marker colors customization can.

Change the spark line chart.

There are three types of spark line chart: row, column, or win / loss. Highlight cells spark, just the relevant you can click to change the type tool button.

Customizing axis

Is the number of the option to enable adjusting spark axis settings. If data is date range is available from the "axis" on the tool Ribbon ' date axis type '. This particularly useful if you change date range. You can use this tool to edit the vertical axis minimum value. Default value is 'auto' for each spark is the same each spark ' to be able to change. Issue of Sparklines is to generate misleading results because of its small size is one spark line chart from fluctuations in a wide range of different data. Scale adjustments, use this option to full range of data for the chart to fit.

Overview of Sparklines

Spark can be seen to be a very handy way to visually display the data in order to be able to detect trends in us. You must see other than the default graph view and range of formatting options that can be used to understand the best from them.

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