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Microsoft Excel: more accurate results of the round function

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Round-up & ROUNDDOWN

Is a special pattern ROUNDUP and the Sidekick ROUND ROUNDDOWN functions. These functions ensure that same value value that is used in the formulas on the worksheet appears in your readership and reviews are all important tools in the Toolbox of Excel. Printed and displayed in the worksheet, if formatted with two-digit decimal number is, e.g. to only than all of the formulas on the worksheet need to calculate two digits. If you have other than to view multiple worksheets have decimal digits or percentage, shares or parts that contain data, using the round function or lesser known brothers of one.

The structure of the ROUND function is easy.

= ROUND (number, num_digits)

Round and assumptions, and rounds to nothing more than 5 is the next number. If you specifically were rounded to 1... 316, two more digits following the decimal point is the result of a calculation that 1... Change to 32. Calculates the value of the round function is rounded to 0 decimal 1, 234.567, appear as 1,286's no slip.

ROUNDDOWN function rounds at all times, regardless of value under the name suggests the aggregate function is, and always rounded up.

If you are using the ROUNDUP function it is to calculate the value of your favorite option prices and other courted inconsistent key not is.

ROUNDUP function creates the structure and syntax.

= ROUNDUP (number, num_digits)

Imagine that the owner of a small business that uses Microsoft Excel based on the number of hours they have worked to use the ROUNDDOWN function to track employee vacation hours earned. Make sure you don't receive a vacation in this function, employees have earned them more than. Now, if the employee is to keep this idea. Create the ROUNDDOWN function.

= ROUNDDOWN (number, num_digits)

All these round features more clearly adds more accurate results in the Excel worksheet.

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