Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is the difference between 2007 and the Microsoft Excel 2003 and?

Microsoft Excel is used as a powerful spreadsheet application; therefore, keeps updating to Microsoft to provide a spreadsheet application users the most effective simple, stylish. Previously, Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet enthusiasts yearning, launched in the market. So you can quickly identify what a customer needs help this article shows some key differences between MS Excel 2007 and MS Excel 2003. Know about changes made in Excel 2007 after reading this article. The main differences are as follows:

Now the files are not –-like view - Tools menu bar in Excel 2007 to edit. That contains the Ribbon in MS Excel 2007 now access options for Microsoft, and not high speed and exceptional use. This is very first critical difference is that interface. MS Excel 2007 graphical user interface is completely different from Excel 2003. In MS Excel 2007, a typical menu and submenu, menu click replaces tabs and ribbons. Navigating in the main menu in Excel 2003, you must > submenu > gets, just choose the desired tab in MS Excel 2007, the optional features you need, but all of the options in front of you. To start using, and then select options. Is the mini toolbar that appears after the selection of one of the best features of Excel 2007, when a mouse button. For example, any value and the mini toolbar to leave right click right mouse button for options so you can quickly apply word phrase you selected when you select the desired font values, color that is displayed. Work speed is the mini toolbar. This is in MS Excel 2007, improvements in Excel 2003 became missing is. I feel some of the most more frequent bar offers quick access options using Add. In MS Excel 2007, just in few clicks can do the same. Not this feature in Excel 2003. File format is another important change add MS Excel 2007. Provides software to save the file that you created in XML format on the other side, and keep one side, Excel 2003 file format software. XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, and ?????? is the additional formats. Provides features, such as latest version MS Excel 2007 a robust built-in functions available in 2003. Also, in appearance, the change of various software, themes, and other options.

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