Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hidden power of Microsoft Excel:

Hear the most frequent one Excel questions is how to add the same header and footer (page layouts) one or more worksheets at the same time? In some variations it is. The answer is simple, but procedure is intuitive and most Microsoft Excel workbook or the web site is also not covered. Spreadsheet Solutions Group is a select multiple sheets in a workbook. If you group the worksheets.

Select sheet to print at the same time. Enter or edit data on multiple worksheets at the same time. Page setup options, apply formatting, such as the selection of all the worksheets at the same time. What is not necessary to repeat the same steps repeat. Delete a group of move, copy, or a worksheet.

To select two or more adjacent sheets: click the first sheet in the group header. While holding down the [Shift] key, click the sheet tabs to select the last sheet.

Two or to select multiple nonadjacent sheets: click the first sheet in the group header. Click then hold down Ctrl while selecting the sheet tab. The selected worksheet tab is displayed as active or white.

All worksheets in that workbook selection: right-click any sheet tab, and then click select all sheets .

To select one or more worksheets, and in the title bar of the Excel workbook, see [group] should be.

Worksheet to group and any action or a worksheet command also applies to all other worksheets in the group. This is to duplicate the same headers, footers, or page layout group of worksheets trick. Excel 2010 and Excel 2007 to choose Insert] tab of [header and footer. Excel 2003 or 2002, select the file > page setup and click the header/footer tab. In addition, each worksheet you select changes, including any text or formatting, add the column heading follows. To enter data in cell B5, and when Group, for example, all the selected worksheets now new data cell B5.

Attention! Is intended only one worksheet worksheet formatting and data changes are complete, add the selected worksheet contains the certainly un-group editing group of worksheets to prevent unwanted changes, the.

UN deceases toggle-group of worksheet you select.

Left mouse button or any sheet tab right-click any sheet tab, click the Group release sheet from the shortcut menu.

Grouped worksheets for each worksheet individually work continue to determine, verify the book title bar.

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