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Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial - workbook security

Provides many ways to protect your job security and the Microsoft Office Excel 2007. For optimal security, a strong password to protect entire workbook file. Excel passwords can be up to 255 letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols, is case-sensitive. Additional protection for data in a workbook protects password whether or not a specific worksheet or workbook elements. Protect worksheet or workbook elements, and accidental or can help prevent users from deliberately changing, moving, or deleting important data.

Are listed in this Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial, I to create a password to protect the workbook and how some workbook elements to protect. To the inside of Excel tips and tricks, expert Excel user's Guide. I me we're good you have another Excel tip as part of their Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial series.

Securing workbooks

To provide security for the entire workbook, you can specify two passwords.

Show / hide the workbook opens the. This is the encrypted password, preventing unauthorized access to the workbook. To display the data they read-only mode that can also allow users the option open. You can prevent accidental changes and this is stored. Modify the workbook. Is the password is not encrypted, so this is to allow certain users edit a workbook.

Don't have the same password to these password applies to the entire workbook. Safer passwords are actually different. Available for both functions to provide strong security. Speak of the combination of strong passwords strong capitalization, numbers, and symbols. Sw33tH3ArT0nE, sweetheartone, strong but strong.

To password-protect a workbook.

Save the selected Excel workbook, and then click the Microsoft Office button, and click. Yes, this is an existing workbook. Click lower left corner of the Save as dialog box, click the Tools button, and then select General options. To require users to enter a password when you open a file in the Open box, enter the password in the password. To change the box to require users to enter a password you can save the changes, the password, enter your password. To protect against users accidentally modifying files, read-only check box. Prompts you whether you want to open, they read-only files. Be careful! If you create a password to modify a user to enter this password message appears, read-only and open options. Therefore, if you use a password to change this option. Click the OK button. Prompted retype the password to confirm. After you confirm, click ok. Click the Save button. If you are using the existing workbook, the same file name, replace the existing workbook, click Yes to prompts.

Provides options to protect Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is changed or security element security worksheet or workbook elements removed from using the data. Microsoft Office Excel and other tips and tricks, see Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial series on my other article.

Security worksheet elements

Unlock other users able to change any cell or range on the worksheet to protect. Select each cell to select unlock or whole range locks. Home, click, and then on the Format tab, in the cells with cell formatting] to click. Click the protection tab, click to select the locked check box clear. Users want to show or hide not formulas. Select to hide cells that contain formulas. Home, click on the cell formatting button click, and then on the Format tab, in the cells. Click the protection tab, select the hidden check box, and click OK. To unlock the object like a picture, clip art, or shape: Click each object you unlock while pressing the [CTRL]. Displays the additional picture tools or drawing tools, Format tab note. Do not select objects of different types and does not initialize the dialog box launcher. Click size on the Format tab click the size dialog box launcher next to. Click the Properties tab to clear the locked check box. If the lock text check box to clear. Click the close button. Reviews, click Protect sheet changes tab. Select the element to allow the user to change the list of all users on this worksheet. Unprotect sheet box, enter the password for the sheet password, and then click OK and confirm the password. This is an optional password. If you don't use it, and all users, can seat unprotect protected elements change.

Security workbook elements

To prevent user from, among others, by using the workbook elements of security.

Change the name of the worksheet to hide the display moving, deleting, hiding, or worksheet. Copy the worksheet to insert new worksheets or chart sheets move or another workbook. Displays cell data area, or displaying page field pages display the source data in a PivotTable report. Record new macro

Reviews, choose the option protect structure and Windows changes tab, click protect workbook. To protect workbook structure, select the structure check box. Select the Windows check box to keep workbook Windows every time you open the workbook in the same size and position. This workbook, password (optional)] confirm password to prevent users from removing type, click OK. This is an optional password. If you do not specify a password and Unprotect Workbook users, can any protected elements change.

Excel security is the key features for protecting data.

This is just one more Excel tips and tricks that can help you in your job more efficiently. Be able to benefit many more features. Check out this tutorial for the Microsoft Office 2007 article "to know", Excel lists. Also includes links to free sample online tutorial.

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