Thursday, April 14, 2011

Microsoft to create Excel - charts

Many people can dress up the spreadsheet chaos and impenetrable wall of information! Is an easy access way to display graphs and viewing this data. You can create for a wide variety of charts and graphs different!

Is best in a pie chart in the chart, especially of the English speaking world's most popular will be applied to describe the percentage of the pie slices form rendering. Is a bar graph used to display the value of any other major chart frequency or another category. A histogram that numbers in the range, a line that scatter observation of 2-D observation that this order is connected point amount. Using coordinates in the scatter, shows the relationship between two or more variables.

The other chart, bubble chart, scatter in the 3-dimensional fundamentally is. Polar region is legendary nurse Florence Nightingale, developed and expanded form of a pie chart is figure. Information about the distribution (i.e. minimum, maximum, average, average) can also pick the box plot chart axis only. May have gathered that shows an incredible array of, any information that can be deployed according to diagram. All options, to display information one!

When you create a chart, Excel Chart Wizard very great advantage. The wizard, select data from cells in the workbook in a nice graph of your choice you can! Highlight the need to do everything, which represented workbook data [insert chart, or click the Chart Wizard button.

Hold and press and hold, so you can preview the graph showing how sample button represented as a type of chart to select the next step in the data as it is. The selected data is displayed in the data range box. Whether the data is represented by the row or column, select from a series of options.

From this point, you can change, such as chart titles, gridlines, axes, chart options. In most charts, contains both the chart and axis titles. Must be used to compare the data in the pie chart one date range if you are using a pie chart. It is only a percentage of the total amount of data each.

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