Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to copy Outlook distribution list to Microsoft Excel

Paste it into Microsoft Excel, copy email addresses from Microsoft Outlook distribution list:

Open Outlook, select the contact. You must search for contacts in a distribution list. If changes are not visible select view / current view and address cards view. This view is easily identifiable provides a good view of the card details. Found, open the distribution list.

Select the file, and then select copy to folder. Need to add Ribbon copy folder button if you are using Outlook 2007. Copy folder button is selected and click OK.

Contents of the list of your currently include e-mail style document. Drag name with the address you want to copy using the mouse to choose a name and e-mail address. After you select them, choose Edit / Copy.

After you copy and then can be pasted into your Microsoft Excel choose Edit / Paste. Need to clean up the format, but this entire distribution list again input cable.

If you plan to mass mail recipient from Microsoft Word, this article is very useful. Save information from Outlook Excel Word appears, is the source of the e-mail address that you have. Useful for some or all of the information available from the list in Outlook.

You must use cleanup TRIM function to e-mail address.

How to use the function, will be published in future posts.

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