Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Using Microsoft Excel to calculate the number of days to Christmas.

Calculate understanding of some basic features in Excel, is one of a simple application. Basic formula can quickly build some clever math skills to start.

To start a new workbook Select cell A1, type 25 12 (12 / 25 United States!) and press to enter. This enter the cell in the current year December 25th.

In cell A2 again the format dd/mm / (dd), type today's date, and then press enter.

In cell A3, a simple formula input = A1 a2 and key press to enter.

Depending on the version, use the excel formula calculation results, is either a number or date from 1900. Also, get an error, the date between 25, and December 31, that inference is possible! if you change the cell A1 format-mm / mm / dd / yy or mm, dd, yy annual Christmas day.

Your answer is many days happy if you how until the next Christmas know!

Is your answer for dates from 1900 to format right in cell A3, cell [...] Options choose Select number tab and the category number and click ok.

The description of the formula:

Launched formula, an equal sign =. Excel interprets the text as you type an equal sign (=).

Is a1 a2 is determined from the contents of cell A1 A2.

In cell A1 contains date of Christmas day. Number of days understanding does not really Excel at date converted to the number of date actually, the number after January 1, 1900. For example December 2010 in Excel 40 375 and has seen is. I.e. 40, 533 days after January 1, 1900. You don't need to worry about the trivia, but is actually less! this number is known as the serial number.

In cell A2 Excel date converted to a serial number.

Only minus one number, and other simple subtraction and the answer appears in cell A3.

' Was conversion between number 2 date, date format and will be helpful, just as from Excel 1900 date type show answer if! [of cells as numbers format was the reason is all but not really useful.

If you got error, Excel, back, trying to subtract of numerous attempts to convert, and from a small number Excel cannot be counted in the reverse direction from January 1, 1900,!, such as viewing - 1 or - 2 If a cell formatted as numbers, how many days as the answer since Christmas.

You can change the value, of course, to calculate the number of days between dates in cells A1 and A2 option 2. Tips-as always mm (or mm, dd, yy) of enter date in format, right-click the date style to cell formatting and cell formatting... Click the numbers tab, the date category.

=Today() when file is opened, rather than as a variation of the theme, to enter today's date input function, displays the current date. Now have to count down to a specific date by using the TODAY function.

Birthday of my last book, I count down in 2011:

A1: 03 / 02 / 2011

A2: =today()

A3: cell A1 a2 =.

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