Monday, February 21, 2011

Microsoft Excel document expert printing tips

Use of Microsoft Excel is in almost every industry increasingly is popular. Provide the opportunities that exist in the form of program users to prepare reports and other important documents, professional. Here is some expert tips to print Microsoft Excel document.


Different views can manipulate the appearance of the document was printed, and then display the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as follows:

? normal display-when in the soft copy of the default view, view document is ideal for work.
? print preview-will see this when you print the document you can view the page view of exactly how.
Page break preview ?-what do each of data pages can manipulate them, so you can view this displays as the print area.

2003 After you enter the data into a spreadsheet to work in version, and click '' Print Preview', file'. Dialog box is displayed. This means the appearance of the printed document. Beyond the spreadsheet data is more data than down, direction 'portrait' to. If you have more data than the data going between the direction 'landscape' must be.

The printed document actually, make sure one selected paper size.

When considering one, print multiple pages of spreadsheets, rows and columns on each page of the publication of the row headers that might be. The column.

To repeat row and column headings

1) Select the sheet tab.
2) Select the line to enter the row labels to print on each page, repeat at the top.
To display the column headings on each page repeatedly), select the column to enter column labels if you repeat the left, and repeated on each page.

Before documents on the 'Print Preview' always to send to the printer.


One of the spreadsheet, left or right margin between horizontal direction image is possible is the center of the heart, or the vertical direction to page up and down between the margins.

Images on the page, in the heart

1) Select the margins tab.
2) Both the horizontal and vertical directions under Center on page.
3) Select the ok to display the changes in print preview.

Tables and charts

When working with tables and charts, read each paper is to understand it is important to be easy. Therefore, use the scaling options ' to adjust to show how to adapt to the data sheet of each '.

Note this option is small size of the text difficult to read, but to the point size of the text smaller to verify.

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