Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working with Microsoft Excel formulas

You must be aware the results if you are using Excel formulas. Or they don't have meaning? are getting the results you expect. Can lead to incorrect results you need to know. Some examples can be found here.

Do not use cell references. When creating formulas, cell references and the actual number, but not to use? for example, if the number of cells B6 sales see a 10% increase, B6 uses the formula, or has used actual sales. If you are using the actual number of formulas and B6 change values, the formula remains unchanged. It is recommended that when you create a formula, click the cells on the when creating a formula to select the cell. Excel puts dotted outline is around the visible cells of the selected cell. Visually confirms a formula the right cell.

Processing of the following rules. Is followed by the results of Excel, the formula to calculate mathematical rules. Expression is to the right calculated from the left to many people, however, any multiplication and Division are calculated first and the addition and subtraction and believe. Let's say you want to show the increase in sales revenue cells B6 have shown. The percentage of increase in cell B2. You can create the formula reads the B6 * 1 + B2. Multiplied the additional percentage times in this example, a sales 1 result. To add parentheses formula force Excel to calculate the curly braces and the first (this is next-level operation) and the complete, formulas. B6 * (1 + B2), give a proper result.

When you copy the formula to cell references not paying attention. To copy a formula from one cell to another, and Excel default value is known as relative references. Copy the formula in the cell position, adjusting the formula, row and column reference in other words, rows and columns. Read B7 formulas in the example above, calculates the sales increase formula column in other sales categories to copy * (1 + B3). Each subsequent cell in the column to the specified row changes are reflected. If you have a percentage increase in cell B2, you copy the cell formula results are incorrect. To lock a cell in Excel to add formulas to the dollar sign and "to tell and you copy the formula do not change the reference. This is called absolute references. Will new expression B6 * (1 + 2 $b$). Modify cell B2 percentage it is, and all sales figure is the updated successfully. Mixing that has put a dollar sign reference column or row is both ago you may need to see. This method appropriate for your situation, see please but you can try out.

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