Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Secrets of the top 10 Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, tips and tricks

Learned when something comes to Excel keyboard shortcuts keyboard shortcut to save time while you work in Excel spreadsheets go once a valuable long way to go. For example,

1) CTRL + a press to select all cells is necessary when everything...
You must hit the Ctrl + Home to move in cell A1.
3) As well as the move to the range in the last cell, press CTRL +.
4) From the selected hit CTRL to the last cell in the range.
If you select only the A1 from the active cell 5) reverse CTRL and then press
6) If you simply go to the following worksheet, press CTRL.
7) If you move the worksheet before you hit Ctrl + page up. In Excel, copy speed

You must select a purpose is necessary to try to speed up the copy other rows and columns of cells if you copy cell. After that, it itself, move the mouse cursor on the bottom right corner of the cell until. Now see the cursor change + sign). You must either time is already selected cells to the row or column paste and then press the left mouse button, dragging. You see now and release the button is in the first cell you can be copied to all the selected cells.

Instant charts in an Excel spreadsheet

This is a very sweet click ok. When you create from the table select the cells that you want to number table, and then press the f11 key, only the specified in Excel. And now we have a chart!

Headers and footers Excel spreadsheet

Is the header and footer that can be printed to Excel spreadsheet in a rare well-known fact. You must to select page setup on the file menu, and then click the header/footer tab. You can customize our fancy.

Is a simple calculator in Excel

Or ALT + Tabbing, Excel sheets while your computer don't believe royal pain? what if, in the Excel sheet Calculator do not import failed? its not amazing and!, and then select view need to do everything, and then move the toolbar select Excel customizations. After reaches the screen to customize the tool is selected in the categories list select the Commands tab. You can use calculator to find time to scroll through the list of icons. There are some strange reason the custom labels, but don't worry about it. You can drag to your toolbar. It is set for your convenience.

Excel skills society (The global) Improvement of all Excel Excel Pro MS Excel and that many power pack features commentary / and workplace productivity pro (or amateur) in start exercise purposes.

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