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Microsoft Excel-Spreadsheets Explained

What spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet is arranged in a rectangular table or grid of rows and columns and analysis data using. Data input, edit, manipulate and stores it as text or numeric. Data can be used in a complex calculation, graphical charting and analysis.

Some common Excel terms

One of the worksheet worksheet
Book - 255) until the file one or one that contains a collection of more than one worksheet.
Cell-the box enter the data in rows and columns that meet. Has another name that is derived from each cell that contains rows and columns. Cell name appears in the name box.
Cell indicated by the solid border is the name of the active cell, is currently displayed in the name box. You receive data of the active cell on the keys from the keyboard is.
Has been designed with the formula bar text or numbers in the active cell is displayed in the formula bar.
Range 2 or rectangular area two or more adjacent cells
Menu-list of applications that appear when you click a name from the top of the Excel screen menu commands
Menu bar-under the title bar, including the name of horizontal bar menu
Button-to run the command by clicking the image
Title bar workbook name appears, at the top of the window bar blue
Contains a group of buttons such as the toolbar

Workbook and worksheet

A book that contains 'book 'of' worksheets' page and think. Opens a new workbook contains three worksheets when you start Excel.

Common use of spreadsheets

Format the customer records, such as complex data stored in a table format. Calculate the budget. Accounting records in performing analysis holds "what?".

Example of a spreadsheet program

Lotus 1 - 2 - 3Microsoft ExcelCorel Quattro ProMicrosoft Works spreadsheet

Some Excel facts

Each worksheet contains the 256 columns, 16, 777, 216 cell 65,536 rows. Is included! if you print the entire worksheet, measuring 5.6 m 327. 7 m! each cell is worksheet might just one of the characters in 549, 739, 036 232 up to 32,767 characters. You will be able to hold!

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