Monday, February 7, 2011

In Microsoft Excel 2007 all command and elevation of the search.

Find to help you find keywords from input in Microsoft Excel, you can put together the list of all functions are available. Displays matches and exact location to help find all commands in the worksheet, find command, only one worksheet to scroll at the same time.

Pass: House-> search and selection-> to find-> options-> all search button, search command activates. All commands are please actually to find matches that of the entire worksheet list, one move.

However, all search commands one beyond matching. Must be to just click the game, select one from the list of your favorite one, Microsoft Excel, bring you this.

[Search option enabled and replacement] menu [Search command to activate all paths are the same that you can find more search options: Home--> search and selection-> to find-> options.

If you search a whole different book goes into the box select the workbook. It is to find the sheet working, by default, the active worksheet. Actually looks all the worksheets in an Excel workbook and workbook option to tell.

To change the direction of the search, you can change options in the search box. By default, the Microsoft Excel worksheet one line from different searches. However, you can change the options in the search direction line from column to column.

Click and be able to find an exact match contains case sensitive if matching your search. For example, to find the "table" and "not", Microsoft Excel you can click the check box on the "table" is ignored, it only indicates "table capital"T", or" table all matches

To match entire cell contents, according to the words as a check box is an exact match, you can search. If you find the location that contains the "table", for example, Microsoft Excel where worksheet as part of the sentence, such as table "table," "priority table" and "we's tables", appears the. To check a box match entire cell contents and find content that matches the search terms exactly, specifically Microsoft Excel. Microsoft excel "table" of type "table," to ignore tables we have, or only the cells just the "table" favorite list "table".

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