Monday, February 28, 2011

Navigate to the tab of the Microsoft Excel 2007, 8.

In Microsoft Excel 2007, 8 tabs on the Ribbon, each tab is a button to perform your job effectively. Is a detailed description you can understand the following tabs list.

Cut, copy and paste the Home tab with features. You can find too basic format function. Probably most of the functions in this tab, spreadsheet work necessary.

To further strengthen the Insert tab, in the your spreadsheet, such as data tables, PivotTable, creating charts, hyperlinks and so on the.

Page layout tab-adjust margins or page layout, margins, orientation, size, and print titles like button so the. Before you print, you are.

Formula, formula most of that cannot access here, most of you will find a list of the button inserter, Autosum, financial, logical, text, date, time formula button.

List button on the data tab of-also by importing data from an external source your sort, and filter the data.

If you share information with others as a spell checker, Dictionary tab to especially to add comments to cells-to make sure.

View the tab-normal view, adjust the layout of the page, such as screen zoom function, and multiple feature provides. To freeze the panes on the use to split pages.

Add-ins add button-to the add-in is installed, to provide additional access. And to install macros in Microsoft Excel 2007 add-ins tab is blank by default, but on this tab, find the program will be.

Description of each of the tabs is easy to navigate to each of these features.

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