Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is the Microsoft Excel?

Known as the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application. You can to manipulate numeric data into a spreadsheet. You can run calculations and analysis and prediction. So what you want Microsoft Excel to allow. You can perform tasks generally associated spreadsheet.

When you load the Excel like the grid page is displayed. This is known as a worksheet. All information will be held here. Configure a large number of worksheets, workbooks. Consists of a series of rows and columns of the grid, enter the data into individual cells. To the value of one cell value of another cell, for example. All mathematical functions which can be applied to the cell.

What is the intended use of the Microsoft Excel? well, something you can create a simple spreadsheet like tracking your monthly spending. You can keep this running total exactly how much monthly spending.

Or, may be working in a business environment, Excel is more serious. In this case, a spreadsheet application can be complex, and quite understanding here is required. Engineering more complex spreadsheet is required and is a good example of another aspect of the business situation.

Applying mathematical function to the data. This is something like quantitative analysis to sum a column of more complex data and can be as simple as that.

You can create Excel database but this is uncommon among users and developers. I think you are using database storage, such as something only Microsoft Access.

You can communicate with suites in other applications where part of the MS Office suite of programs Excel. For example, you may be transferring Excel data to MS Access, or vice versa.

Excel is a very powerful tool useful to home and business.

Let's recap what we've learned in this article.

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