Sunday, February 27, 2011

There is no functionality of Microsoft Excel Excel 2020, some proposals.

Excel training for almost 20 years, but we pretty good ideas to find what people and easy to use is difficult. From this, here are some suggestions of new features Excel 2020 (or due to the next version of when). Small, big range!

Removes the named range.

Here is how to remove the Excel range names you can.

Click the name box drop-down. Right click on the name you want to delete. Select the delete!

We... keep looking for this feature to all new versions of Excel

Autotyping range names, or functions

You can highlight the option when entering formulas in the range name or function, and then enter to continue. For example, type.

Then, + < c 5 = TotalR

Fill automatically TotalRevenue scope name for you to press TAB key or enter this completely. OK, so we are annoying, but do this in Microsoft Visual Studio and the VBA to managed.

Click the print tab of the Ribbon to the

Why not? Bring all that to one print under the roof of one tab will mean a lot.

Conditional formatting to properly integrate.

First conditional formatting since introduction (is in Excel 97, quite remember this, I think) stood apart from the other formatting features. See the style we would like to.
Numeric format alignment font border background protection; and conditional formatting

You must allow to apply a style to cell can affect all available formats.

Bar side indicating the worksheet and workbook

Blue Sky ideas that this: why all worksheets in the workbook in the current image of the sheet of display all open workbooks, or task pane. Click to go to just click the worksheet can. Just a thought.

Style drop-down

Used to move the version of Excel 2003, and press ALT + apostrophe in the style box. Much can also change the style of the current existing cell formatting easily. All new theme very cute, but we sure can have these features back?

At the end (this post is a little if you whingy), we can close the new features are a few good Excel. Ribbon (you are familiar with it and is) a great idea, look and feel better we even Sparklines is like that. Microsoft keep up good work!

Andy Brown is a developer of Excel traner and Wise Owl ( You can find details of the differences between the various versions of Excel Http://

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